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King of Queens 8pm HD

Doug invites Ray Barone and his wife, Debra, over for a BBQ; but the tension is thick since right before the guests arrive Doug says something insensitive to Carrie. And at 8:30p, As Doug and Carrie's plane makes an unexpectedly rough landing, Doug takes the only available oxygen mask for himself and doesn't think twice about Carrie.

Funny You Should Ask 9pm HD

Big money's at stake and the jokes never end.


Movie: Igby Goes Down 8pm HD

A young man’s peculiar upbringing in an upper-class household leaves him unable to adequately cope with the struggles of adulthood.


Movie: Over the Top 8pm HD

Big-rig trucker, Lincoln Hawk, takes us under the glaring Las Vegas lights for all the boisterous action of the World Armwrestling Championship. Relying on wits and willpower, Hawk tries to rebuild his life by capturing the first-place prize money, and the love of the son he abandoned years earlier into the keeping of his rich, ruthless father-in-law.


King of Queens 8pm HD

Doug, Carrie, Deacon and Kelly all head upstate to a cute B&B for a relaxing weekend. And at 8:30p, Doug decides to buy a pumpkin to get into the Halloween spirit, but as soon as Arthur sees it, he smashes it and banishes the celebration of Halloween.

Funny You Should Ask 9pm HD

The biggest comedy stars packed with non-stop laughs.


King of Queens 8pm HD

Carrie invites her friend Susie and her very, very boring husband, Mike, for Thanksgiving weekend; and Doug is in pain over the thought of having to spend four days with the guy. And at 8:30p, As Arthur prepares to undergo heart surgery, Carrie discovers something that he did years ago that drastically affected her life.

Funny You Should Ask 9pm HD

Host Jon Kelley guides two contestants as they interact with some of the biggest names in comedy.


King of Queens 8pm HD

When Doug gets “checked out” by a waitress at Cooper’s he suddenly feels very dapper. He begins to change his image a bit, and Carrie finds the whole thing amusing. That is, until she checks out the waitress herself and sees that she is quite a dish. And at 8:30p, Carrie's boss has his first big case as partner, and Carrie is overwhelmed with work.

Funny You Should Ask 9pm HD

Non-stop laughs with America's comedy icons.