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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 8pm New HD

When Mallus’ power over Sara resurfaces, she unwittingly becomes the bearer of one of the Totems.  Rory must conquer his dark side in order to wield his own Totem power to help save the crew.  Meanwhile, Agent Sharpe (guest star Jes Macallan) notices that something is wrong and recruits someone unorthodox to help.

iZombie 9pm New HD

Liv and Clive discover the murder they are investigating was the work of a serial killer. Meanwhile, Major enters dangerous territory.


The Flash 8pm HD

Ralph Fears For His Life—Barry meets a powerful woman whose abilities could help him in his battle with DeVoe.  Meanwhile, after learning that DeVoe is targeting everyone who was on the bus, Ralph decides he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore, his only concern is staying alive.  Harry offers to help Joe. 

Black Lightning 9pm New HD

Family Above All—In the aftermath of the latest killing, Black Lightning works to clear his name while also hunting down the person responsible for his father’s death, and anyone else involved.  Tensions remain high between Black Lightning and Gambi.


Riverdale 8pm New HD

A House Divided—In the aftermath of Hiram’s newly announced plans for Riverdale, Jughead resorts to drastic measures to voice his opposition.  After making her own big announcement, Hermoine’s friend Andy Cohen (guest star Andy Cohen) comes to town to lend a hand.  Meanwhile, Veronica goes against her parent’s wishes to keep a low profile when she decides to run for student council president.  Elsewhere, Mary (guest star Molly Ringwald) arrives in Riverdale just as tensions between Fred and Archie reach a breaking point.  Finally, following a series of mysterious events, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) begins to fear that someone is out to get her.

Life Sentence 9pm New HD

As Stella (Lucy Hale) settles into her new volunteer role as Patient Advocate, she learns that Sadie (guest star Nadej Bailey) doesn’t have anyone to fight for her.  Stella suggests Sadie try the clinical trial that worked for her, but their hopes are dashed when they learn that the trial has ended.  While Wes (Elliot Knight) is babysitting Diego’s (Carlos PenaVega) kids, one of them gets sick, and Ida (Gillian Vigman) offers her help.  Meanwhile, Aiden (Jayson Blair) pushes his father (Dylan Walsh) to have a guy’s night out to help him move on from Ida.


Supernatural 8pm HD

Danneel Ackles guest stars—Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer who, meanwhile, strikes an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo (guest star Danneel Ackles).  Asmodeus inches closer to finding Jack. 

Arrow 9pm HD

Cayden James launches a full out attack—Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson) discovers a secret about the Green Arrow that pushes him over the edge.  Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help.  William starts to demand more of Oliver’s time. 


Dynasty 8pm New HD

In the wake of a sudden Carrington death, Blake’s temper pushes Cristal to make a bold decision regarding their marriage. Fallon’s feud with Jeff goes public, forcing her to rely on her faux-husband, Liam (guest star Adam Huber), for support. Steven processes his grandfather’s sordid past and decides how he wants to spend his future. Nicollette Sheridan guest stars.

Jane the Virgin 9pm New HD

Xo struggles to make an important decision and looks to Jane for guidance leaving Rogelio feeling like an outsider.  Alba is frustrated with Rogelio when it seems he is once again making his career a priority over Xo.  Meanwhile, Petra turns to Rafael for advice on her love life.


The CW Primetime Movie: My Girl 2 8pm HD

Vada Sultenfuss must go to LA to stay with her Uncle Phil to do some research on her mother's life, but finds much more...


The CW Primetime Movie: Lake City 8pm HD

A desperate young man, on the run from a dangerous drug dealer, returns to his mother, years after a family tragedy drove them far apart, to hide. However, his old and new life are about to collide.