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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend



The Flash 8pm HD

Leonard Snart, AKA Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), returns to Central City with a new hotheaded partner in tow—Mick Rory, AKA Heat Wave (guest star Dominic Purcell).  The duo plan to steal a multi-million dollar painting, but Cold has another agenda while in town—to set a trap for The Flash.  Snart and Mick kidnap someone close to The Flash and threaten to kill them unless The Flash shows up for a battle of fire and ice.  Barry tells Joe he isn’t sure he should take on Snart again after the casualties that happened the last time they fought.  Meanwhile, Barry asks Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco to help him double his training efforts so he’s ready for the Reverse Flash when he returns to Central City.  Iris deals with the aftermath of Barry’s confession, and Cisco makes the CCPD a new shield.

iZombie 9pm HD

A group of teens get a scare when a disheveled young pregnant woman approaches them muttering for help.  Unfortunately, the woman doesn’t survive but her baby does.  Liv and Clive begin questioning suspects in her murder, and after consuming the victim’s brain, a fierce maternal instinct kicks in for Liv.  Meanwhile, Major makes a shocking discovery.


Arrow 8pm HD

In the aftermath of Oliver’s fight with Ra’s al Ghul, Diggle and Arsenal continue to protect the city in the Arrow’s absence.   However, after three days without hearing from Oliver, they begin to fear the worst may have happened to their friend.  Felicity refuses to believe that Oliver could be dead until Merlyn pays the team a surprise visit.  Thea suspects there is something more behind Oliver’s disappearance and asks Merlyn for a favor.  Meanwhile, Ray tests a part of his new suit, and Laurel takes up the mantle of the Black Canary.

Supernatural 9pm HD

After the massacre at the ranch, Dean, Sam and Castiel double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain; but there is nothing in the lore that can help them.  Desperate, Castiel comes up with an idea that Sam deems the “single worst idea I’ve ever heard.”  Meanwhile, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continues to plot against Crowley, and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) who is plotting revenge against Dean for killing her friend.


Beauty & The Beast 8pm New HD

Cat is excited to finally walk down the aisle with Vincent but can’t help worry that the rash of superhuman experiments will ruin her destined moment.  Vincent, JT and Tess are determined to do everything they can to keep Cat focused on her big day before all hell breaks loose.

Dates 9pm New HD

Stephen is frustrated when Mia stands him up for a date.  However, when the bartender suggests he “go on an adventure,” Stephen pretends to be someone else for the night and ends up crashing a convention gathering.  There he meets an interesting woman (guest star Sian Breckin) who takes him on an unexpected journey.

Dates 9:30pm New HD

Jenny is giving online dating one last try, and it seems to be worth it when she meets handsome, charming Christian.  Things are going really well between the two of them until his wife comes home.


Masters of Illusion 8pm New HD

Hosted by Dean Cain, Masters of Illusion features amazing magic performed by cutting-edge illusionists, escape artists and performers displaying skills ranging from perplexing interactive mind magic to hilarious comedy routines—all in front of a studio audience.  Magicians featured in this episode include Tommy Wind, Jason Andrews, Mark Bennick, Barry & Stuart, Murray SawChuck, Farrell Dillion and Jonathan Pendragon.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? 8:30pm HD

Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with guest comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jeff Davis, put their comedic skills to the test through a series of spontaneous improv games that are prompted only by random ideas supplied by the studio audience.  The four performers must use the little information they have and their wild imaginations to depict different characters and an array of scenes, as well as perform songs.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us 9pm HD

Aspiring magicians are invited to perform their best trick to try and fool the world-famous team of Penn & Teller, who will get to see the trick only once and have to immediately try to work it out.  Anyone who succeeds wins the right to perform with Penn & Teller in their celebrated show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  The live studio audience and the TV audience watch along with Penn & Teller as they try to figure out the secrets.  The magicians featured in the episode include Jon Armstrong, Xavier, Greg Dow aka The Shocker and Steve Brundage.


Bones 10pm

Booth and Brennan link two decomposed bodies to a street gang operating out of an El Salvadorian neighborhood—and to a United States senator.


The CW Primetime Movie: Ella Enchanted 8pm

Ella is under a spell to be constantly obedient, a fact she must hide from her new step-family in order to protect the prince of the land, her friend for whom she's falling.

Friends 10pm

Excluded from Rachel's ski trip with her pals, lonely Ross visits his ex-wife; Phoebe's cab runs out of gas and the stranded gang turns to Ross for help.