Aaron Yoo

as Russell Kwon

In The CW’s new drama series The Tomorrow People, Aaron Yoo stars as Russell Kwon, a young man who abuses his superpowers by reading girls’ thoughts, stealing cars and generally having a good time.

In April of 2007, Yoo starred opposite Shia LaBeouf in the sleeper hit Disturbia; and he has been working nonstop since.  He was last seen in the ensemble dramedy Ten Year, with Channing Tatum, Anthony Mackie and Chris Pratt.  Yoo stars in the upcoming drama Kid Cannabis, for director John Stockwell, which will be followed by a turn in the untitled drama from director James Wan, the crime drama McCanick and Nelson Kim’s psychological thriller Someone Else.  Some of his other credits include a lead role in the sweet World War II drama American Pastime, a nearly unrecognizable turn in Rocket Science, a lead role opposite Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey in 21, and a lead role opposite Michael Cera in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  His other films include Friday the 13th, The Good Guy and Gamer.

Yoo’s career began off-Broadway, where he starred in U.S. and world premiere productions including Where Do We Live at the Vineyard Theatre, wAve and Savage Acts for the Ma-Yi Theatre Company, Cellophane at the Flea Theatre, and the National Asian-American Theatre Co.’s Fuenteovejuna.  Other New York credits include The Gifted Program at the LAByrinth and Karaoke Stories for the Imua! Theatre Company.

Yoo then turned his talents to the small screen, with guest-appearances on shows such as Law & Order: SVU, Love Monkey and Ed.  He also had a recurring role on The Bedford Diaries, which was created and executive produced by Tom Fontana.

Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey, Yoo earned a BA in theater from the University of Pennsylvania.  In what little downtime he has these days, he practices his DJ skills, plays the cello and pole vaults.  He is also a soccer fiend and holds a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do.

Hometown: East Brunswick, New Jersey
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