Big Al Mack

While voicing live advertisements for his limo service during the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show, Kidd recognized that Big Al had a unique talent and began including him in his program.    

Big Al has been kicked out of Starbucks for stripping down to his boxers, tossed from Wal-Mart for racing bicycles inside the store, expelled from IHOP for impersonating Spiderman and climbing on top of the booths.  

His attitude in life can be summed up in three simple sentences: “If you have a hot girlfriend, BEWARE! If you have a hot mom, BE AFRAID! If you’re a hot girl, CALL ME!”

Big Al tried out for an NFL team a few years back, but decided that since the players weren’t allowed to date the cheerleaders, he wasn’t that interested in pursuing a football career. 

Eternally single, Big Al’s biggest internal conflict is that he loves spending time with his friends, yet he often finds himself hanging out alone. He has hundreds of girls’ digits in his “MACKBERRY” or “AL-PHONE,” but he can never find a date!

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