Judge Alex

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Former police officer, attorney and Florida Circuit Court Judge Alex E. Ferrer hosts Judge Alex. Judge Alex is the only television judge with such extensive police, legal and judicial experience. He presides over a wide array of cases, resolving complicated issues with his straight forward approach and cogent rulings.

Most recently, Judge Alex served as the Associate Administrative Judge of the Criminal Division of Florida’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit, which services Miami-Dade County, the largest trial court in the state and fourth largest in the United States.

Born in Havana, Cuba, Judge Alex and his family escaped from Fidel Castro’s Communist regime to America when he was one year old.  Growing up in Miami with a passionate interest in law enforcement, at 19 he joined the Coral Gables Police Department, making him one of the youngest officers in the state.  While on the police force, he served as a patrolman, detective and in an undercover capacity.  He was also trained to be on the department’s SWAT force.  Intent on building a career in the legal profession, Judge Alex performed his duties as a police officer while attending both college and law school.

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