The People’s Court

Weekdays 10 & 11am

Judge Milian bangs the gavel to begin the next season of The People’s Court, the courtroom series that launched the entire television court show genre and the original reality series featuring real litigants, real cases and real justice.

The People’s Court draws on ordinary people who have filed grievances in civil court and have opted to have their cases heard and mediated by Judge Milian. An experienced team of researchers continually canvass courts across the country in search of the most compelling, unique and thought-provoking cases. Running the gamut from disputes between neighbors and family members to dissatisfied customers suing businesses, Milian’s decisions—based on current law—are final and binding. “These cases are never about the money, they’re about principle,” Milian proclaims. The People’s Court has been delivering reality television to viewers for over two decades.

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