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Bones Bones

Season 3 Episodes

01: The Widow’s Son in the Windshield

After a human skull crashes into a driver’s windshield on a busy highway, clues lead Booth and Brennan to an abandoned bank vault that may be a cannibal’s lair; Zack returns from Iraq.

02: Death in the Saddle

Booth and Brennan link a corpse to a bed & breakfast that caters to fetishists involved in “pony play”; Angela undergoes hypnosis to identify the man she married in Fiji.

03: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van

Booth and Brennan search for answers when a seemingly normal, everyday soccer mom is blown up in her car; Brennan visits her father in prison; Hodgins finds himself attracted to a member of the bomb squad.

04: Secret in the Soil

Booth and Brennan investigate when the owner of an organic supermarket chain turns up dead, a murder linked to a second set of remains buried in a compost heap.

05: The Mummy in the Maze

On Halloween, Booth and Brennan must solve a case involving the mummified corpses of two teenage girls before the killer strikes again; a private investigator locates Angela’s husband in the Florida Keys.

06: Intern in the Incinerator

A corpse turns up in the Jeffersonian’s incinerator, forcing Booth and Brennan to stage an internal investigation to find the culprit.

07: The Boy in the Time Capsule

Booth and Brennan search for answers when a body is discovered inside a time capsule buried in 1987.

08: The Knight on the Grid

After a second Widow’s Son skeleton is taken to the Jeffersonian, Gormogon attempts to murder Booth and Brennan.

09: The Baby in the Bough

Booth and Brennan care for an orphaned baby who swallowed a safe-deposit box key crucial to solving the murder of the child’s mother.

10: The Santa in the Slush

Three days before Christmas, the body of a man who resembles Santa Claus turns up in a sewer behind a shopping mall; Brennan arranges for Max and Russ to celebrate the holiday in jail.

11: The Man in the Mud

Booth and Brennan investigate the bludgeoning death of a famous motorcycle racer, but the case takes an unexpected turn when a second motorcyclist dies while riding a sabotaged bike.

12: The Wanna-Be in the Weeds

While investigating a singer’s murder, Booth inadvertently attracts the attention of a dangerously disturbed woman.

13: The Verdict in the Story

As Max’s murder trial gets underway, Brennan and the defense team prep their case, pitting them against Booth and Brennan’s co-workers at the Jeffersonian.

14: The Pain in the Heart

After Brennan receives a package containing a human jawbone, Booth and Brennan realize that Gormogon’s assistant is someone working at the Jeffersonian.

15: The He in the She

When the remains of a transgender minister wash up on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, Brennan and her colleagues determine that the victim was originally a male pastor who disappeared years earlier.

16: The Man in the Outhouse

When the body of the host of a popular reality-TV show is found in an outhouse, Brennan and Booth must identify the killer from of a large pool of suspects, including many who were humiliated on the victim's show; and Booth learns that Brennan is juggling two relationships.

17: The Finger in the Nest

When Booth's son finds a severed finger in a bird's nest, the trail leads to a veterinarian involved with an illegal dog-fighting ring; and Sweets confronts Hodgins about his attitude in the lab.

18: The Crank in the Shaft

The remains of a much-disliked company office manager are found in a building elevator shaft, and Hodgins and Angela try to navigate their post break-up relationship.

19: The Yanks in the UK, Part 1

While guest-lecturing in London, Brennan and Booth are asked by Scotland Yard to assist their British counterparts with a murder investigation regarding a young heiress; and Angela’s husband returns.

20: The Yanks in the UK, Part 2

Pritchard asks Booth and Brennan to help investigate another murder, this one hitting closer to home; and an impulsive decision by Cam has unintended consequences.

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