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Bones Bones

Season 4 Episodes

01: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Pieces of a young man with O.C.D. are discovered in an industrial pool; Zack escapes from a mental hospital to help solve the mystery.

02: The Bone That Blew

The skull and various skeletal remains of a long-missing ex-Marine lead to the investigation of an elite private school and the powerful families there; and Brennan is unhappy to learn that her father, who can help with the case, is now a teacher.

03: The Skull in the Sculpture

When the smashed remains of a famous artist are found in an impounded junkyard car, the team must race against the clock to find evidence of murder before the car is put on exhibit…as the sculptor’s ultimate display of self-sacrifice for the sake of his art. The suspects include an ex-girlfriend of Angela’s.

04: The Con Man in the Meth Lab

The body of a struggling inventor’s father is found, but when a second body surfaces, the team is led on a trail of deception to find out who was the actual con-man in the inventor’s life; and Brennan’s date with Booth’s younger brother leads her to a deeper understanding of her partner.

05: The Passenger in the Oven

While Booth and Brennan are en route to Shanghai, a body is found in the airplane’s oven; they try to solve the case before the plane lands in China (and it’s no longer theirs to investigate); and Sweets helps Hodgins deal with Angela’s new relationship.

06: The Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Booth and Brennan must infiltrate a traveling circus to investigate the death of conjoined-twin jugglers; and they do so working undercover as a knife-throwing act.

07: The Fire in the Ice

Booth is a suspect in the murder of a hockey player he fought with during a recent game, so Brennan must work on the case with FBI Agent Payton Perotta; and as Booth gets back onto the ice, he receives some advice from one of his hockey idols, former Los Angeles Kings star Luc Robitaille.

08: The Hero in the Hold

The Grave Digger serial killer returns and abducts Booth, demanding that evidence that would lead to his capture—evidence Hodgins has secretly been gathering without turning over to the FBI—be given to him in exchange for Booth’s release.

09: The Princess and the Pear

The body of woman wearing a medieval princess dress leads to the investigation of a sci-fi/fantasy convention, with Agent Perotta filling in for an incapacitated Booth; and with insight from geeky squint Colin Fisher, they learn that the victim may have owned a highly valuable piece of sci-fi memorabilia many would kill to possess.

10: The Bones That Foam

A car salesman found dead in a gorge was already dead before he was thrown off of the bridge, thus ruling out suicide. At the lab the victim’s bones start to foam, throwing the lab into an immediate lockdown. The team realizes they have only 24 hours to determine the cause of death before the bones disintegrate completely.

11: The Salt in the Wounds

A petrified human body is found buried in a mound of salt. The victim is a 16-year-old high-school volleyball player who’s been missing for three weeks and was part of an alleged "pregnancy pact" with her teammates. When Angela and Roxie discuss adopting a dog, they must confront larger issues in their relationship.

12: The Doctor in the Den

The half-eaten body of Cam’s former fiancée is found in the tiger cage at the zoo, and Booth and Brennan determine that the death was no accident. The team pieces together the fiancée’s final evening and questions suspects, including Brandon Casey, whom Sweets and Angela hypnotize to help jog his memory.

13: The Science in the Physicist

Shattered, pulverized human remains contain a meteorite shard, which leads the team to a physics lab in DC. The victim was engaged to the lab’s founder and had been working on an extremely controversial project that garnered her many death threats. Meanwhile, Angela’s father arrives to seek revenge on Hodgins, and Sweets attempts to mediate the situation.

14: The Cinderella in the Cardboard

An image of the Virgin Mary at a recycling plant turns out to be an outline of dried human blood from a flattened body. The victim had been planning the perfect wedding for years, but it transpires that her fiancé was not the only man in her life. Sweets’ girlfriend Daisy is spotted trying on a wedding dress with another man, and Hodgins and Angela come to terms with the status of their relationship.

15: The Mayhem on the Cross

Booth and Brennan investigate when the skeletal remains of a death metal bass player are discovered in Norway.

16: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

While attending the funeral of a Jeffersonian employee, Brennan realizes the cause of death wasn’t a heart attack—it was murder.

17: The Girl in the Mask

When a Japanese woman’s head is discovered in a salt marsh, Booth joins forces with a Japanese detective to solve the crime; Angela and her colleagues attempt to determine the gender of an asexual Japanese forensics scientist.

18: The Beaver in the Otter

Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a college student whose body was discovered in a mascot costume; Jared asks Booth to accompany him on a trip to India.

19: The Critic in the Cabernet

Booth and Brennan search for answers when a body turns up in a barrel of wine; Booth experiences hallucinatory visions involving Stewie Griffin from the television series Family Guy.

20: The End in the Beginning

In this dreamlike episode, Booth and Brennan, now married nightclub owners, become suspects in a murder.

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