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Bones Bones

Season 8 Episodes

01: The Future in the Past

With Brennan on the run from a murder charge, everyone works to prove that Pelant is the real killer.   Brennan secretly communicates with Angela to help solve the case and show that Pelant is also guilty of another murder.

02: The Partners in the Divorce

When a murdered body is found burning in a barrel, Booth, Brennan and the team go to work identifying the victim and solving the crime.  But though Brennan is back home, she and Booth find themselves professionally and personally at odds.

03: The Gunk in the Garage

When a man is killed by a massive car bomb, Brennan and the team take on the case…except for Booth, whom Caroline instead assigns to getting the department’s budget approved.  Sweets partners with a new agent, Olivia Sparling, and romantic possibilities develop.

04: The Tiger in the Tail

Investigating a suspicious death the team stumbles across an exotic animal trade. Everyone teases Brennan as she considers herself a possible presidential candidate.  Sweets has doubts as he and Daisy prepare to move in together.

05: The Method in the Madness

The team is baffled when a young woman’s grotesquely eviscerated body is found; could it be a copycat Jack The Ripper?  Sweets moves in with Booth and Brennan as he recovers from his break-up with Daisy.

06: The Patriot in Purgatory

Inspired by Coach Phil Jackson’s ideas about teamwork, Brennan assigns the interns to review all the old cases with unidentified bodies, to try to determine the victims’ names.  The entire team becomes emotionally invested in solving one homeless man’s long-ago death.

07: The Bod in the Pod

The team’s efforts to solve the murder of a man who cleaned up crime scenes is complicated by the fact that the likely suspects are also professional crime scene cleaners.  Cam has a secret boyfriend…and it’s someone from the office.

08: The But in the Joke

A famous street artist finds himself glued to a corpse, and his presence forces Angela to confront old artistic ambitions.  When the victim turns out to be a stand-up comedian the team makes surprising discoveries about who and what is funny.

09: The Ghost in the Machine

When a psychic insists she’s getting messages from the spirit of a 14-year-old boy whose murder the team is trying to solve, almost everyone is skeptical.  But they start pondering the afterlife, and find themselves talking to the remains despite their doubts.

09: The Diamond in the Rough

A mysterious, crystal-covered skeleton turns out to belong to a dead dancer, so Booth and Brennan go undercover as dancers to find the killer.  An artistic crisis causes Angela to question her career.

11: The Archaeologist in the Cocoon

A sleazy archaeologist is found murdered, just after making his first real scientific discovery.  Brennan’s competitive side goes into overdrive as she tries to find the murderer while battling for control over (and credit for) the discovery.

12: The Corpse on the Canopy

Angela and Hodgins are drugged and awaken to find a bloody corpse above their bed.  They realize only Pelant could have been responsible and the team goes all-out to catch him, and to decipher the mysterious clues he’s left behind.

13: The Twist in the Plot

The team investigates when a second body is found buried in a woman’s so-called “green” grave, and both bodies turn out to be murdered.  Booth and Brennan examine their own end-of-life wishes.  Daisy and Sweets face each other at work.

14: The Doll in the Derby

The team tries to solve the murder of a woman on a roller-derby team.  Everyone is concerned when Booth makes secret visits to a hospital.  Wendell is turning 29 and doesn’t seem happy about it.

15: The Shot in the Dark

Brennan is shot while working late one night.  Doctors fight to save her life as the team tries to identify her assailant.  While unconscious, Brennan sees her dead mother, but is it real or a hallucination?

16: The Friend in Need

The team searches for the killer of a teenaged boy whose body is found in a suitcase.  Sweets develops a special bond with a girl who was raped.  Abernathy tries to keep a secret from Cam.

17: The Fact in the Fiction

A new intern with training and intellect to rival Brennan’s helps solve the case of a murdered body found in a farmer’s field.  The team ponders the possibility of time travel.

18: The Survivor in the Soap

A murder victim with a heartbreaking past confronts the team with the reality of war and child soldiers.  Cam and Arastoo find it increasingly difficult to hide their relationship.

19: The Doom in the Gloom

When a survivalist is murdered, the team is drawn into the world of doomsday “preppers.”  Sweets finds an apartment and his impending move out of Brennan and Booth’s place prompts mixed feelings.

20: The Blood from the Stones

A murder investigation gets complicated when the victim turns out to be an undercover cop...who might have turned to crime himself.  The team struggles to keep egos in check as a documentarian profiles their work for a fund-raising film.

21: The Maiden in the Mushrooms

When a TV producer is found murdered, the team gets a behind-the-scenes look at a sleazy TV court show.  Brennan goes into denial after Christine is accused of biting another child.

22: The Party in the Pants

An investment banker is found murdered, and his secret life as a stripper complicates the case.  Booth is shocked when his mother, who left him 24 years ago, suddenly reappears.

23: The Pathos in the Pathogens

A woman is murdered by being infected with a deadly virus, and while trying to solve the case, Arastoo is infected too.  The team must identify the killer and find an antidote before Arastoo—and potentially millions of others—also die.

24: The Secret in the Seige

Pelant is back, and appears to be killing off FBI agents associated with a decade-old siege against a religious compound.  But his real targets are Booth and Brennan, and this time his ultimate goal is emotional, not physical, damage.

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