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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 1 Episodes

01: Pilot

IPS deliveryman Doug is king of his domain with a converted basement paradise that houses his brand new prized possession—a 70-inch television, given to him by his loving wife Carrie.

02: Head First

Doug reluctantly invites lonely Arthur to join him and his buddies for a Friday night of beer and pool at their regular hangout.

03: Fat City

During a tour of one of Arthur’s randomly chronicled photo albums, Doug sees a photo of Carrie’s heavyset mother, Sophia.

04: Richie’s Song

During a painful double-date with Richie and his self-absorbed wife, Marie, Carrie reluctantly tells Doug that Marie’s doting ways belie her wandering tendencies.

05: Cello, Goodbye

Carrie’s on the fast track at her new job in a Manhattan law firm.

06: Paternal Affairs

Doug’s Aunt Sheila arrives at an anniversary party for Doug and Carrie, announcing her recent separation from Doug’s Uncle Hank.

07: The Rock

When Carrie’s engagement ring is appraised at a handsome sum, she and Doug give into temptation, sell the bauble and buy a hot tub and satellite dish. The unexpected guilt causes them to re-enact the day of their engagement, reminding them how special their love—not a ring—is.

08: Road Rayge

Doug meets local celebrity Ray Barone at the DMV.

09: Educating Doug

Concerned that they’re getting dumber as a couple, Carrie enrolls she and Doug in an adult education class, hoping it will spark an interest in reading.

10: Supermarket Story

The day before Thanksgiving, Carrie, Doug and Arthur plan a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up a few frozen dinners; but the place is an absolute madhouse.

11: Fixer Upper

Despite Doug’s protests, Carrie fixes Spence up with Jenny, a nebbish woman from her office.

12: Crappy Birthday

Depressed about turning 30, Carrie asks Doug to ignore her birthday.

13: Noel Cowards

Doug and Carrie decide their clunker is ready for retirement and start looking for a new car.

14: Best Man

Carrie has been pressuring Doug for weeks to attend the wedding of her childhood friend Todd. Doug has zero interest in going, especially when Deacon reveals that Todd and Carrie were much more than “just friends.”

15: Dog Days

Doug and Carrie’s new, freshly-starched neighbors appear to have only one flaw—a noisy nocturnal dog named Stanley.

16: Hungry Man

Carrie's boss invites Doug and Carrie to a cocktail party. Doug, plagued by enormous hunger since he hasn't eaten all day, behaves far from perfect.

17: Court Date

Carrie has just been issued her fourth traffic ticket this year. And her status as a persistent violator will double the Heffernan’s insurance rates.

18: S’ain’t Valentine’s

Doug and Carrie have big plans for Valentine’s Day—a romantic dinner and the house to themselves—but Cupid’s arrow has a few diversions planned.

19: White Collar

When Doug and Deacon’s IPS shift supervisor takes ill, Doug is temporarily promoted to the position.

20: Rayny Day

When Ray Romano calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie—who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after his divorce.

21: Train Wreck

Doug gets a new trainee at work, and much to his surprise, she’s blond and beautiful.

22: Where’s Poppa

Doug and Carrie pine for the privacy they used to have before Arthur moved in.

23: Time Share

Doug and Carrie have done everything they can to avoid their annoying neighbors, Tim and Dorothy Sacksky.

24: Maybe Baby

A rollicking visit with Deacon’s three-year-old reminds Doug how much he loves kids and prompts a conversation with Carrie about starting a family.

25: Art House

It’s the last straw for Doug when Arthur asks, and somehow manages, to have Doug use his delivery truck to move an armoire.

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