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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 2 Episodes

01: Queasy Rider

Against Carrie’s wishes, Doug buys a motorcycle.

02: Female Problems

Carrie makes friends with the new neighbor, and the two become inseparable.

03: Assaulted Nuts

Carrie, looking to build a home office, asks Doug to meet her at the bank to secure a loan.

04: Parent Trapped

Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to be Godparents to their newborn son, Major.

05: Dire Strayts

Doug invites Ray Barone and his wife, Debra, over for a BBQ; but the tension is thick since right before the guests arrive Doug says something insensitive to Carrie.

06: Doug Out

When Arthur overhears Doug and Carrie talking about him as a “demented circus monkey,” he is visibly hurt.

07: Tube Steaks

Carrie leaves the garage door open one night and Doug’s precious, big screen TV gets stolen.

08: Get Away

Doug, Carrie, Deacon and Kelly all head upstate to a cute B&B for a relaxing weekend.

09: Roamin’ Holiday

Carrie invites her friend Susie and her very, very boring husband, Mike, for Thanksgiving weekend; and Doug is in pain over the thought of having to spend four days with the guy.

10: I, Candy

When Doug gets “checked out” by a waitress at Cooper’s he suddenly feels very dapper. He begins to change his image a bit, and Carrie finds the whole thing amusing. That is, until she checks out the waitress herself and sees that she is quite a dish.

11: Sparing Carrie

The bowling team, which features Doug, Richie, Spence, Deacon and Carrie, is in jeopardy of losing their sponsorship from Cooper’s if they don’t win their next game.

12: Net Prophets

Doug gets a Christmas bonus and wants to put it safely in the bank, but Carrie has another idea—she wants to invest the money in a new online company.

13: Block Buster

Doug has a high school football reunion with his buddies, one of which is now confined to a wheelchair.

14: Frozen Pop

A cold spell has hit New York and the basement where Arthur sleeps is an ice box. So, Carrie sets him up in her upstairs office until the cold snap is over—however, the freezing temperatures last longer than they thought, and Doug and Carrie are about to lose their minds with Arthur just across the hall.

15: Party Favor

Doug’s cousin Danny is getting married and Carrie convinces Doug that despite the history between the two, Doug should be his best man and throw a bachelor party.

16: Fair Game

Doug and Carrie attend “game night” at Deacon and Kelly’s, and it looks like they are going to walk home losers until Carrie begins to cheat.

17: The Shmenkmans

Doug and Carrie have a new set of friends, Gary and Abby Shropshire, who, because they are childless, have been dubbed their new “Saturday night friends.”

18: Meet Byproduct

When Doug and Carrie reminisce about how they met, we get to see that Carrie was originally intentioned for Richie and Doug for her friend, Lynn. But, over the course of a painful evening, Richie and Lynn pair off, leaving Doug and Carrie alone. The two find each other despicable, but fate is too strong and the two wind up together anyway.

19: Wild Cards

On the way back from making a delivery in Philly, Doug and Deacon make a detour to Atlantic City for some gambling.

20: Surprise Artie

Arthur’s dropping subtle hints that his birthday is approaching. Wanting to do something special for his 75th, Carrie plans a surprise party with Doug’s reluctant assistance.

21: Big Dougie

When Doug learns that Deacon is a Big Brother to an underprivileged boy, he feels totally inadequate and uncharitable.  He then decides that he too will become a Big Brother but is dissatisfied with the boy he is assigned.

22: Soft Touch

Doug gets suckered into buying a water filtration device from his annoying neighbor Tim and also signs up to be a licensed seller of the filters.

23: Restaurant Row

Carrie and Doug go out to a new neighborhood restaurant, and Carrie has a run-in with the staff. 

24: The Whine Country

Carrie and Doug can’t decide where to go on their vacation.

25: Flower Power

When a colleague receives flowers (which she initially thought were for her), Carrie is disappointed.

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