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Season 3 Episodes

01: Fatty McButterpants

When Doug finds out that Carrie has been buying his clothes at the “Big and Tall Shop,” he suddenly becomes aware that he may have a weight problem.

02: Roast Chicken

Carrie has Doug sign a congratulatory card for his boss’s twenty years at the company, and the whole thing blows up in Doug’s face.

03: Do Rico

Doug discovers that whenever he imitates the new guy at work, Rico’s, accent, it turns Carrie on and gets her in the mood for lovin’.

04: Strike One

Doug and Carrie need a new car, but Carrie thinks they should wait until Doug’s union decides whether they will strike or not.

05: Strike Too

Doug takes a job as a substitute teacher at his sister Stephanie’s school to pass the time while the IPS strike continues.

06: Strike Out

It’s the third week of the strike, and all is not good for Doug and Deacon.

07: Class Struggle

Carrie goes out with some girls from the office who are lawyers and comes home depressed, thinking that she has wasted her life.

08: Dark Meet

We get a glimpse back in time at Doug and Carrie’s first Thanksgiving together when Doug insists that it was he who said “I love you” first.

09: Work Related

Doug and Deacon are in a match to see who can play the best practical joke.

10: Twisted Sitters

When Deacon and Kelly go out of town to attend a funeral, Doug and Carrie offer to babysit.

11: Better Camera

Doug buys Carrie a camera for Christmas but then is shamed by the better camera that her boss gives her.

12: Wedding Presence

Carrie, Doug, Deacon and Kelly are invited to their friends’ wedding in Maryland, and Carrie and Doug really don’t want to go.

13: Papa Pill

Carrie signs Arthur up for the theme dances at the local senior center, but after two evenings of hell, Arthur begs Doug not to take him there again.

14: Paint Misbehavin’

Doug throws Deacon a paint ball party for his birthday, and things get out of hand when Doug discovers that Carrie finds Deacon attractive, Richie still has a thing for Doug’s sister Stephanie and a new guy named Jack Strohmeyer gets a little too into the military aspect of the game.

15: Hi-Def Jam

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and Doug is looking forward to viewing the game on his big 55” TV.

16: Deacon Blues

Doug discovers that Deacon has been seeing another woman, and the two men learn the true definition of "cheating" when Carrie tells Doug that when you lie to your wife to have an intimate dinner with another woman, you are cheating—even if everyone keeps their clothes on.

17: Horizontal Hold

Carrie becomes concerned that she and Doug avoid real issues in their marriage with sex.

18: Package Deal

Doug, feeling underappreciated at work, hears that drivers at FedEx are making twice what he makes.

19: Separation Anxiety

During the Palmer’s separation, Doug and Carrie go to the movies with Kelly while Deacon takes the kids.

20: Inner Tube

Doug lies to Carrie so that he can play mud football with his buddies and ends up sick in bed, plagued by guilt, watching reruns and old movies.

21: Departure Time

Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug’s parents while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal.

22: Swim Neighbors

Carrie takes legal action when her neighbors install an above-ground pool that overlooks her backyard fence, but the pool makes a big splash with Doug.

23: S’No Job

Doug’s Uncle Stu asks him to get his son Danny a job at IPS.

24: Pregnant Pause, Part 1

Carrie discovers that she is pregnant and is panicked that the timing is all-wrong.

25: Pregnant Pause, Part 2

Doug tells Carrie not to panic about having the baby, that he will take care of all her “burden.”

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