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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 5 Episodes

01: Window Pain

Mike and Debi, a bright young couple, move in next door to Doug and Carrie. The Heffernans don’t make the greatest first impression as an argument they’re having can be heard throughout the neighborhood.

02: Arthur, Spooner

Carrie has been put in charge of overseeing a group of people who will be organizing and distributing legal documents for one of her firm’s big cases. The catch is that her team will have to work the night shift, and they’re “not the sharpest tools in the shed.”

03: Kirbed Enthusiasm

Doug’s new training regimen entails a healthy diet and a strict exercise schedule implemented by Danny.

04: Holy Mackerel

Doug and Carrie run into Father McAndrew at the fish market.

05: Jung Frankenstein

After seeing Doug eat a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausage, Carrie advises him to eat a light lunch since they’ll be going to a play with some work friends of hers. Not only does Doug ignore her advice, he participates in an egg roll eating competition during lunchtime.

06: Mammary Lane

Carrie’s boss, Mr. Kaplan, asks her to keep an eye on his son Trevor who he’s bringing to the office. Carrie, who sees this as an opportunity to “get in good” with her boss, eagerly agrees.

07: Business Affairs

Doug stops by Carrie’s office and is introduced to her work-husband Curt.

08: Flash Photography

Doug uses Carrie’s friend’s wedding as an opportunity to play a practical joke and take an uninhibited self-portrait with a disposable camera.

09: Flame Resistant

Carrie meets Doug’s ex-girlfriend Margy and is surprised to learn that Margy is still very close with Doug’s mom.

10: Connect Four

When Carrie wins a month’s worth of company seats to the Knicks game, the Heffernans face a difficult decision in finding the perfect couple to invite to join them.

11: Mentalo Case

As Doug begins to reminisce about his childhood, he is suddenly reminded of Mentalo, his favorite toy growing up.

12: Loaner Car

Deacon tells Doug that he wants to make Thanksgiving special for his kids, so he’s decided to invite his family over for a feast. His only problem is that he can’t cook. Doug offers up Carrie and says that she would be happy to help him. Unfortunately for Deacon, Carrie doesn’t cook well either.

13: Golden Moldy

Carrie and Doug have the opportunity to go on a luxurious vacation with their new neighbors Mike and Debi, but it will cost them big money.

14: S’Poor House

The mold problem in the Heffernan household grows, and Doug and Carrie find out to fix the problem will cost them $12,000!

15: Attention Deficit

When Carrie begins feeling that Doug is not paying close attention to the details of HER life and only his, she finds what she needs in neighbor Lou Ferrigno.

16: Steve Moscow

Carrie and Doug are knee deep in home repairs with their growing mold problem when they realize they have hired a fiery Russian to do the job who requires much coaxing and additional attention. In an effort to keep the job on track, Doug does whatever it takes to make sure the work gets finished. WHATEVER it takes.

17: Animal Attraction

Doug and Carrie’s romantic Valentine’s date gets canceled when Doug’s boss calls and asks him to help Deacon deliver several penguins to the Albany zoo.

18: Prints Charming

When Carrie and Doug accidentally take home the wrong photos from the drug store, they get the impression that their lives are a little boring and could use a dose of excitement.

19: Cowardly Lyin’

The truth comes out when Doug admits to Carrie that he oftentimes lies or hides the truth in order to protect himself with her.

20: Queens’Bro Bridge

Arthur and his half-brother Skitch are reunited when Doug sets it up for them to meet again at the tollbooth Skitch works at on the freeway.

21: Driving Reign

Danny asks Doug for a letter of recommendation at IPS so he can move up to being a driver like Doug.

22: Clothes Encounter

When Doug asks Carrie to curb her spending on clothes, Carrie quickly devises a plan to both save money and still get the fabulous clothes she wants! She starts shopping like mad for high-end fashion but keeps the tags on so she can wear them once and then return them.

23: Bed Spread

Well, it finally happened. Doug breaks the bed. When Carrie and Doug find a new one that they like, it has to be ordered, thus leaving them with nothing until they borrow two twin beds for the time being. Quickly the two realize that having their own space at night is making major improvements in their marriage.

24: Taste Buds

When Carrie agrees to Arthur's choices for what to eat for dinner and which movie to rent, Doug gets upset that he doesn't get his way; so he cajoles Arthur into wanting the same things he does.

25: Dog Shelter

Doug and Carrie go to visit Doug’s parents, as well as his childhood dog Rocky. When it comes to light that Rocky isn’t the original Rocky but merely a “replacement dog,” many more truths come out that neither Doug nor Carrie are ready to handle.

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