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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 6 Episodes

01: King Pong

A bout over the king of ping-pong ensues when Arthur purchases a ping-pong table for the garage.

02: Dreading Vows

During a romantic dinner, Doug is inspired to proclaim his love to Carrie. 

03: Doug Less II

Doug’s diet helps to shed some pounds but creates added baggage between him and Carrie when they are preparing to take a holiday in a secret location that Doug has been planning. 

04: Doug Less I

Doug’s diet helps to shed some pounds but creates added baggage between him and Carrie when they are preparing to take a holiday in a secret location that Doug has been planning.

05: Nocturnal Omission

Doug is troubled over his good friend Deacon’s forlorn existence since his separation from his wife Kelly.

06: Secret Garden

Carrie finally has a good gynecologist, but she's afraid she'll lose him when Danny—whom he hired for some garden work via her—overprices him.

07: Affidavit Justice

Carrie’s company picnic turns into a showboating event when Doug decides to flash his aggressive softball skills, resulting in breaking a co-workers arm.

08: Dougie Houser

An infomercial sparks Doug's interest, and he is quick to purchase the featured product. 

09: Eggsit Strategy

Doug's playful game of toss with Deacon's lucky koosh ball finds its way into the wrong hands.

10: American Idle

After a disappointing interview, Carrie decides to postpone the job search and take time off to find herself but quickly shoves those projects aside for daytime television.

11: Santa Claustrophobia

Carrie takes a seasonal job working in the payroll department at IPS.

12: Thanks, Man

It’s Thanksgiving in the Heffernan household and while Carrie cooks dinner for ten people, Doug lets a stranger in the house to use the phone.

13: Frigid Heirs

Doug and Carrie are down on their luck; Carrie is still out of a job, money is tight and the refrigerator is broken.

14: Switch Sitters

Doug and Carrie decide its only fair that Deacon and Kelly occasionally watch Arthur in exchange for babysitting their kids.

15: Cheap Saks

Carrie befriends Trish, an ex-girlfriend of Doug’s, in order to get a discount at Saks but soon realizes why he dumped her—she is extremely needy and says the word “literally” in every sentence.

16: Damned Yanky

While recovering in the hospital from an emergency appendectomy, Doug is caught moaning the names of several women in his sleep.

17: Multiple Plots

Doug is unhappy with his new delivery route, specifically one nearly naked man who reveals too much. 

18: Trash Talker

Doug shuns Deacon and bumps Danny up to best-friend status after finding out Deacon has been playing racquetball with his grade school archenemy.

19: Precedent Nixin’

Carrie doesn’t want to stay with Doug’s parents while visiting them in Florida. 

20: Foe: Pa

Arthur pushes Carrie over the edge when he throws a tantrum at her job interview with a law firm.

21: Tank Heaven

While accompanying Carrie in her attempts to befriend her new co-workers, Doug sabotages the relationships to avoid any future obligations on his part.

22: Altar Ego

Doug decides an emergency road trip is in order after Spence learns his ex-girlfriend is getting married in Tennessee.

23: Icky Shuffle

Arthur persuades Doug to compete with him in a shuffleboard tournament at the senior center.

24: Awful Bigamy

Holly moves in with Doug and Carrie after being kicked out of her apartment.

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