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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 7 Episodes

01: Dugan Groupie

Carrie is finding herself enjoying her new job, which in turn is causing friction with Doug.

02: Lost Vegas

In an effort to soften up Carrie and convince her to let him drive to Las Vegas for a weekend with the boys, Doug takes her to a wellness retreat at a minimalist spa.

03: Furious Gorge

In an effort to help Doug gain control of his weight, Carrie insists that he join an overeating support group.

04: Entertainment Weakly

Doug feels his position as the resident funny man slipping away when a new IPS driver with uncanny impersonation abilities joins the lunch crowd.

05: Name Dropper

Carrie’s work event starts with shrimp and cocktails—but ends with medical bills when Doug feigns cardiac arrest to cover up his inability to remember Carrie’s co-workers’ names.

06: Offtrack…Bedding

Doug’s parents, Joe and Janet, come to town so Joe can pursue his dream of winning a model-train competition. But while Joe’s off playing conductor, Janet feels left out.

07: Awed Couple

Doug and Carrie feel the sting of rejection when their friends Deacon and Kelly stop hanging out with them on Saturday nights. Their attempts to pick up a new couple leads them all the way from an optimistic trip to the paint isle in a home improvement store to a desperate boat ride in the Atlantic.

08: Silent Mite

The Heffernans’ holiday cheer runs dry when Doug spies a man hitting on Carrie while they are finishing their Christmas shopping.

09: Cologne Ranger

After ten years of marriage, Doug finds a new love—in the form of designer cologne that Carrie can’t stand, but his scent-ual affair forces Carrie to demonstrate bad behaviors of her own.

10: Domestic Disturbance

Carrie uses her extra income to hire a maid, but Doug feels left out and decides to hire his own help in the form of Spence’s mom, Veronica.

11: Pour Judgment

A job aptitude test at IPS has Doug reminiscing about the days of legwarmers and mullet cuts when his largest ambition in life was to be a bartender.

12: Gym Neighbors

When Doug and Carrie’s neighbor Lou volunteers his services as a personal trainer, it doesn’t take Doug long to figure out how to avoid his workout sessions.

13: Gorilla Warfare

Carrie’s plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day become increasingly far-fetched when she discovers the most romantic words Doug ever said to her were stolen from a Gary Busey movie.

14: Hi, School

A delivery to his old high school leaves Doug aching for the glory days, but when he forgoes his adult responsibilities for some juvenile fun, his old football coach jolts him back to reality. 

15: Deconstructing Carrie

As Carrie’s 35th birthday nears, her increasingly dark mood causes Doug to goad construction workers into cat calling her in an effort to boost her self-esteem. 

16: Van Go

For the Heffernans, a day of errands turns into a chance for Doug to turn a trip to the DMV into a wrestling federation smackdown—and for Carrie to use Holly’s choice in wall paint as a way to repay a grudge with a high school boyfriend.

17: Black List

When Deacon snubs his usual boys for a new African-American friend, Doug desperately tries to find his own “roots” in an attempt to win him back. 

18: Catching Hell

A work event in a ballpark skybox leads Carrie, Doug and his buddies out to the game; but when an important client finds fault with Doug, Spence has to step in as the devoted husband. 

19: Ice Cubed

As the snow falls in Queens, Carrie heads out to buy an iPod; but instead of achieving musical nirvana, she finds herself stranded on a cold street and in a moral dilemma. 

20: Wish Boned

Doug’s dream of watching the NCAA finals in peace is rudely interrupted when Carrie discovers he’s been lying in order to avoid spending time with her father.

21: Slippery Slope

Doug lures Carrie to a timeshare sales ski weekend where the strength of their relationship is tested under the intense sales pressure.

22: Buy Curious

When Doug and Carrie’s neighbor passes away, their grief is quickly replaced by hope when they realize his empty residence could prove to be a profitable investment. 

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