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King of Queens King of Queens

Season 8 Episodes

01: Vocal Discord

When Carrie accidentally leaves her new office toy, an audio transcriber, on during a fight with Doug, the resulting transcription reveals an ugly side to their relationship.

02: Like Hell

A new IPS employee, Jared, is so immune to Doug’s charms that he decides not to invite the Heffernans to his backyard barbeque.

03: Consummate Professional

Carrie becomes suspicious when Doug’s 10th Anniversary at IPS, a date that used to coincide with the beginning of their relationship, arrives three months later than it should.

04: Pole Lox

When Doug convinces Carrie to enroll in the pole dancing class at the gym he discovers that Carrie’s everyday sex appeal doesn’t translate well into the world of erotica.

05: Sandwiched Out

Holly’s announcement that she will be moving to Manhattan with her new beau leaves Carrie dumfounded.

06: Shear Torture

Carrie investigates Doug’s sudden interest in personal grooming, only to find out his frequent hair cuts are an excuse for close contact with a busty beautician.

07: Inn Escapable

When Doug surprises Carrie with a relaxing get away to a bed and breakfast, but it doesn't turn out the way he planned.

08: Fresh Brood

When Danny brings his girlfriend’s baby to watch a football game at the Heffernan’s, Doug is so smitten he decides it is time for he and Carrie to start a family. But when he tries to prove his point by bringing a baby home for a “test drive” they discover Carrie lacks a nack for children.

09: G’Night Stalker

Carrie drags Doug to a karaoke bar where his surprising vocal talent attracts an online secret admirer. But when Carrie puts a stop to their communication, the admirer tries on a Glenn Close-style obsession for size.

10: Move Doubt

When the house next door to Doug and Carrie goes up for sale, they don't understand why Deacon and Kelly aren't jumping at the chance to be their new neighbors.

11: Gambling N’Diction

Doug’s mother, Janet, comes to visit and soon reveals that card games with her retired friends has allowed her to bring more than just cupcakes to the table; so Doug takes her on a mother-son card hustling spree.

12: Apartment Complex

Carrie becomes frenzied preparing herself to show real estate listings to celebrity client Kirstie Alley and boots Doug's poker game out of the house.

13: Raygin’ Bulls

With their wives out of town, old buddies Doug and Ray Barone decide to get dressed up and hit a nightclub.

14: Knee Jerk

A disagreement between Doug and Carrie ends disastrously for Carrie when Doug winds up at the bottom of the stairs.

15: Baker’s Doesn’t

In response to pangs of holiday guilt, Doug and Carrie agree to participate in their church’s holiday events; but when Doug meets a picture-perfect couple during a stint of manger-guarding duty, he pressures Carrie to overreach her culinary abilities for an upcoming bake sale.

16: Present Tense

In honor of their 11th anniversary, Doug and Carrie receive a hideous portrait of themselves from Deacon and Kelly.

17: Buggie Nights

Doug and Carrie find themselves with a few thousand houseguests when Arthur brings home a set of sheets from a motel that have been infested with bed bugs.

18: Sold-y Locks

Doug convinces Carrie to cut her hair for money so they can join Robert Goulet and friends Deacon and Kelly on a romantic Valentine’s Day cruise.

19: Emotional Rollercoaster

A discussion with Carrie on his 40th birthday prompts Doug to take a trip to an amusement park where he faces one of his biggest fears, “The Eliminator.”

20: Four Play

Doug and Carrie realize they could have more fun with their friends spouses while out on a double date with Deacon and Kelly, until Kelly gets fed up with Doug.

21: Hartford Wailer

Carrie lends a hand in Hartford for the weekend to build “Homes for America” and is disappointed when Doug surprises her.

22: Acting Out

After Arthur starts a fire in the basement, Carrie tells Doug that it might be time to move her father to a retirement home.

23: Fight Schlub

Carrie decides to become a mentor to a sixteen year-old girl, and after unsuccessfully trying to showcase good behavior, discovers she can have more fun by resorting to her old ways.

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