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Feb. 20 at 5pm
'Pour Judgment'

A job aptitude test at IPS has Doug reminiscing about the days of legwarmers and mullet cuts when his largest ambition in life was to be a bartender.

Feb. 21 at 5pm
'Gym Neighbors'

When Doug and Carrie’s neighbor Lou volunteers his services as a personal trainer, it doesn’t take Doug long to figure out how to avoid his workout sessions.

Feb. 22 at 5pm
'Gorilla Warfare'

Carrie’s plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day become increasingly far-fetched when she discovers the most romantic words Doug ever said to her were stolen from a Gary Busey movie.

Feb. 23 at 5pm
'Hi, School'

A delivery to his old high school leaves Doug aching for the glory days, but when he forgoes his adult responsibilities for some juvenile fun, his old football coach jolts him back to reality. 

Feb. 24 at 5pm
'Deconstructing Carrie'

As Carrie’s 35th birthday nears, her increasingly dark mood causes Doug to goad construction workers into cat calling her in an effort to boost her self-esteem. 

About the Show

Taking place in Rego Park, Queens, New York, a blue-collar married couple, Doug, a deliveryman, and Carrie, a secretary at a law firm, who both live with Carrie's oddball father, Arthur, try to make the best of what they got while trying to make their marriage somewhat normal and getting through tiny problems that they have together, even the occasional run-in with Carrie's father.

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