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Mike & Molly Mike & Molly

Weeknights 7 & 7:30p, Sat. 7:30p, Sun. 6, 7 & 7:30p

Oct. 12 at 7pm
'Mike’s Apartment'

When Mike invites Molly over to his apartment, his plans for romance are interrupted by an untimely call from his mom Peggy.

Oct. 12 at 7:30pm
'Three Girls and an Urn'

Molly meets the friend of her dreams when Peggy's childhood pal visits.

Oct. 13 at 7pm
'After the Lovin’'

After spending the weekend with Molly, Mike comes on too strong with his affections.  Then, taking Carl’s advice to play it cool, he tries not to go overboard.

Oct. 13 at 7:30pm
'The Dice Lady Cometh'

Molly and the girls go gambling on a riverboat casino.

Oct. 14 at 7pm
'Mike Snores'

Annoyed when she spends all of her time at Mike’s apartment, Molly insists he spend a night at her place—giving him a taste of living with Molly’s mom and sister.

Oct. 14 at 7:30pm
'McMillan and Mom'

Carl, Mike and Samuel take a road trip to meet Carl’s mother.

Oct. 15 at 7pm
'Mike’s New Boots'

Molly becomes jealous when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to a woman who is clearly flirting with him.

Oct. 15 at 7:30pm
'Mike’s Manifold Destiny'

Mike learns a lesson after his car breaks down and he’s forced to decide whether or not to accept a loan from Carl to fix it.

Oct. 16 at 7pm
'Carl Gets a Girl'

When Carl borrows Mike’s apartment for a date, Mike spends more time at Molly’s house and ends up bonding with her mom and sister—getting in touch with his feminine side.

Oct. 16 at 7:30pm
'Who’s Afraid of J.C. Small?'

Carl and Mike arrest Molly's literary hero (Susan Sarandon) for a DUI.

About the Show

In this comedy about a working class Chicago couple who find love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, Officer Mike Biggs (series star Billy Gardell) is a good-hearted cop who sincerely wants to lose weight.  Mike's partner, Officer Carl McMillan (series star Reno Wilson), is a thin, fast-talking wise-guy who, despite his teasing, encourages Mike on his road to slimness and romance.  While speaking at an O.A. meeting, Mike meets Molly Flynn (series star Melissa McCarthy), an instantly likeable fourth-grade teacher with a good sense of humor about her curves.  For Molly, focusing on smart choices isn't easy while living with her sexy older sister, Victoria (series star Katy Mixon), and their mother, Joyce (series star Swoosie Kurtz), both of whom flaunt their effortless figures while indulging their healthy appetites right in front of her.  Mike also faces temptation at the diner that he and Carl frequent, where they've become friends with a Senegalese waiter, Samuel (series star Nyambi Nyambi), to whom dieting is a foreign concept.  Mike and Molly found each other in the most unexpected of places.  Now, they're about to find out where their quest for companionship will take them.