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Jul. 20 at 5:30pm
'I Caddyshacked the Pool' HD

After Adam runs out of excuses to avoid swimming in PE, Coach Mellor’s threat to fail him prompts Beverly to take action. When she tries to coax him into the water with a more comfortable bathing suit, Adam reveals that his shame about his body is what’s making it impossible for him to swim.

Jul. 20 at 7pm
'Family Takes Care of Beverly' HD

After an out-of-control Halloween party gets Pops evicted from his apartment, Murray says it’s time he moves to a retirement community. Refusing to hear it, Beverly converts their dusty attic into a bachelor pad for her dad. 

Jul. 23 at 5:30pm
'Boy Barry' HD

Although Murray is thrilled with his and Bill Lewis’ matching mustaches, Beverly is not. Hearing her frustration, Pops realizes that she actually hates Bill more than the new facial hair. 

Jul. 23 at 7pm
'I Rode a Hoverboard!' HD

Knowing that having a cast is his ticket to popularity at school, Adam couldn’t be happier when he breaks his arm while dancing to George Michael in his bedroom. However, warning him that the truth behind the accident is too embarrassing, Erica offers to help concoct a big lie that will make him look cool. 

Jul. 24 at 5:30pm
'Couples Costume' HD

After Adam refuses to let their mom accompany him on Halloween, Erica and Barry convince him to take his girlfriend Dana to a college frat’s haunted house instead of trick-or-treating. Upset at being excluded, Beverly plans to teach Adam a lesson on the dangers of Halloween by placing a razor inside a candy bar. 

Jul. 24 at 7pm
'The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet' HD

While holiday shopping at the mall, Barry is approached by John Calabasas, a modeling scout who says he can make him a supermodel – if he’ll take a $100 class. Though Erica says it’s a con targeting the vain, weak and sad, Beverly happily writes the check to launch his modeling career. 

Jul. 25 at 5:30pm
'Lucky' HD

As Adam and his friends plot to eavesdrop on Erica and Lainey’s Troop Beverly Hills slumber party, a trip to the mall with Pops leaves Barry pining for a dog. Pulling him back from a pet store’s display, Pops reminds Barry that he’s allergic to them.

Jul. 25 at 7pm
'DannyDonnieJoeJonJordan' HD

After his car is buried beneath boxes of family treasures that Beverly is holding on to, Murray insists the garage be cleaned out save for one trunk she is allowed to keep. When the trunk is accidentally taken away to the dump, too, Murray enlists Pops in a plan to re-create its contents before Beverly learns what happened. 

About the Show

In the not-too-distant 1980s, a young boy armed with a video camera chronicles the lives of his loving yet chaotic family. With an overprotective mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey), a gruff but caring dad (Jeff Garlin) and a lovable lothario of a grandpa (George Segal), Adam (Sean Giambrone) and his siblings Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) come of age in a time when the Internet was just a dream, the VCR ruled the world and there was a power ballad for every occasion.