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Sep. 19 at 12am

Michael hates the changes that Dunder Mifflin's new owner is implementing, so he turns to David Wallace for advice. Jim and Pam find the perfect day care center, but Jim's mistake threatens to ruin the interview.

Sep. 22 at 12am
'Couples Discount'

The staff pairs off into pretend couples so they can take advantage of a Valentine's Day discount at a mini-mall; Erin claims she will break up with Andy when he returns, but Pete has his doubts.

Sep. 23 at 12am
'Moving On, Pt 1'

During an interview for a job in Philadelphia, a manager gives Pam déjà-vu.

Sep. 24 at 12am
'Moving On, Pt 2'

Dwight asks Angela to join him on a mission; Andy returns from his trip.

Sep. 25 at 12am
'The Farm'

Dwight takes a trip home for a Schrute funeral; Todd Packer tries to make up for a lifetime of bad behavior.

About the Show

A fly-on-the-wall docu-reality parody about modern American office life, The Office delves into the lives of the workers at Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Regional manager Michael Scott (Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee Steve Carell, Get Smart, Little Miss Sunshine) is a single, middle-aged man who is the boastful tour guide for the documentary.

With unshaken enthusiasm, Michael believes he is the office funnyman, a fountain of business wisdom and his employees’ cool friend. He has no clue that his employees tolerate his inappropriate behavior only because he signs their paychecks. Painstakingly trying to be liked and to look cool, Michael comes off alternately absurd and pathetic. His prize possession is his World’s Greatest Boss mug—which he had to buy for himself.

Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer, Walk Hard, Blades of Glory) is the reasonable and friendly office receptionist who bears the brunt of Michael’s routines. The bright spots in Pam’s day are her conversations with Jim Halpert (John Krasinski, Leatherheads, The Holiday), a likable sales rep with a good sense of humor who should have found a better job years ago, but is too comfortable with his office mates and routine to leave.

Jim shares his working space with Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson, The Rocker, The Last Mimzy), the arrogant assistant to the regional manager. Dwight is intensely irritating to normal people, while Jim spends a lot of time finding new, interesting ways to drive Dwight crazy.

Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak, Punk’d) is the young, smart, former temp, who quickly figured out the real office politics, despite Michael’s attempts to instill the official point-of-view.

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