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The Originals The Originals

Wednesday 9p

New episodes return July 11 at 9p on WBNX-TV, The CW.

About the Show

It's the final season of The Originals . In the previous season, The Original hybrid Klaus had been held prisoner by Marcel Gerard, while his siblings layed trapped in an enchanted sleep. When Hayley  finally succeeds in reviving them, the newly-awakened Mikaelsons execute a daring rescue of the captive Klaus. Once reunited, the family found themselves faced with an even bigger threat: the revival of an ancient evil that has strong ties to their most vulnerable family member, Hope. After a devastating attack by this nightmarish entity, the Mikaelsons discover there is only one way to save themselves -- they must stand their ground in New Orleans and forge an alliance with the very enemies who hate them most, both Marcel and the leader of the New Orleans witches, Vincent Griffith. But as their horrifying adversary closed in, the Mikaelsons found that they faced an evil even more powerful than themselves, one with intimate knowledge of their family’s greatest weakness. With everything at stake -- their city, their family, and their very immortality -- the Mikaelsons must find a way to stand together, even as their secrets threaten to tear them apart. 

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