Protection Court

Weekdays 8:30A & Weeknights 3:30A

Judge Kelly hears over 80 cases per week including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, business partner conflicts, harassment, family disputes, and even deals with bullying across social media platforms. Her rulings are a last resort for thousands of victims who seek the court’s protection…

A few words from Judge Kelly,

“The cases that come to protection order court run the range of human experience. Anyone can come and file, for free, for a restraining order. We have cases that are sad, very funny, ridiculous, compelling and scary. People come from all walks of life and fight over everything. From garden hoses, to beer, to nonpayment of rent, to jealousy, money, religion, animals, other men or women, fences, parking spaces, you name it. Some of the cases and people are so funny that I can’t help but laugh. In many of cases even the litigants end up smiling or laughing because the issues are so asinine.

People come to my court for help with everything! Human conflict on every topic imaginable. People from every walk of life and every place on the earth. The variety of people and conflicts make the court always interesting and entertaining. I have been doing this work for a long time and still have cases everyday that surprise me.”

-Judge Carroll Kelly

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