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Aug. 10 at 4pm
'Secrets in the Snow' HD

She was a dancer who married a dashing photographer. They seemed to have the picture-perfect life—until the bone-chilling night she disappeared. In a case filled with twists, could the victim help solve her own murder? 

Aug. 11 at 4pm
'The Night Hannah Hill Disappeared' HD

A former homecoming queen taking her first steps into adult life is brutally murdered. Who would want to harm her? The investigation centered on two men and a mysterious black bag that seemed to come out of nowhere. 

Aug. 12 at 4pm
'While They Were Sleeping' HD

It was a brutal and baffling crime: a husband shot dead in his own bed. No one else in the house was hurt, not even his wife, who was sleeping beside him. Investigators were suspicious, but there were more surprises in store. 

Aug. 13 at 4pm
'The Devil and Bobbi Parker' HD

It’s a mystery with a mind-boggling twist. The deputy warden’s wife claimed she was kidnapped by an escaped convict and held captive for more than a decade. But was she really a hostage or a willing accomplice?

Aug. 14 at 4pm
'The Inside Man' HD

A smooth convict was offered a deal as tempting as it was dangerous: get key information from a suspected serial killer to win your freedom. The catch? He’d have to go undercover in a psychiatric prison with no guarantee of getting out alive.

About the Show

Dateline is an award winning newsmagazine that delivers viewers stories ranging from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations. Each episode incorporates the classic elements of drama and great storytelling: good guys, bad guys, conflict with the highest stakes, suspense and resolution.  Hear the chilling tales directly from those most affected and involved, including investigators tasked with cracking the cases and the families confronting tragedy. Natalie Morales serves as the principal anchor, joined by correspondents Andrea Canning, Keith Morrison, Hoda Kotb, Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy.