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Apr. 23 at 3pm
'Buried Secrets' HD

Judy Carlson lived in a painful limbo. Her son disappeared without a trace. Years went by and she may never have known his fate if not for a rookie detective’s dogged work but to solve this cold case, the investigator also needs the help of a killer. 

Apr. 24 at 3pm
'Who Killed the Radio Star' HD

Steven B. Williams was a DJ with a golden voice. Then he vanished. It was a mystery that stretched from California to Montana, and the clue to it all? It was wrapped in a napkin, tucked in a cabinet, hidden in a library, but would anyone find it? 

Apr. 25 at 3pm
'Deadly Conspiracy' HD

Jack Jessee was a family man who didn’t seem to have an enemy in the world, up until the night he was killed. Was someone carrying a secret grudge? The case when cold but a relentless detective was determined to catch Jack’s killer. 

Apr. 26 at 3pm
'The Confession' HD

Soon after Angie Dodge was murdered, Christopher Tapp admitted he was one of her killers. Police captured his confession on videotape so why would the victim’s mom, who once campaigned to put Tapp in prison, now be fighting for his freedom? 

About the Show

Dateline is an award winning newsmagazine that delivers viewers stories ranging from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations. Each episode incorporates the classic elements of drama and great storytelling: good guys, bad guys, conflict with the highest stakes, suspense and resolution.  Hear the chilling tales directly from those most affected and involved, including investigators tasked with cracking the cases and the families confronting tragedy. Natalie Morales serves as the principal anchor, joined by correspondents Andrea Canning, Keith Morrison, Hoda Kotb, Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy.