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May. 25 at 4pm
'Deadly Triangle' HD

How long does it take a killer to stop worrying if they’ll ever be caught? Weeks? Months? Twenty-five years? If they’re still free, then maybe they got away with murder. The trail goes cold, never to warm up again... until one day, it does.

May. 26 at 4pm
'Collision' HD

A wife and a mistress vying for the same man end up in a high-speed showdown on a highway. The man of their dreams, on his motorcycle nearby, was struck and killed. His wife was arrested for his murder. Was it an accident or a crime of passion?

May. 27 at 4pm
'Heart of Darkness' HD

Vacationers-turned-prisoners: a mother, her son, and a cousin kidnapped by terrorists. It was a harrowing international hostage drama, and the price of freedom was a huge ransom. Can a father-turned-negotiator help bring them home?

May. 28 at 4am
'Secrets in Seattle' HD

When a 32-year-old Seattle woman goes missing, her friends and family are desperate to find her. When her body is found hidden by the airport, the hunt for her killer is on. Had her troubled past finally caught up with her, or was it something much darker?

May. 29 at 4pm
'Death of a Golden Girl' HD

Paula Sladewski was no stranger to the camera. As a model, her picture had been taken hundreds of times. But the image that interested police wasn`t a fashion photo. It was a few seconds of grainy video recorded during the last hours of her life.

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