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How I Met Your Mother

Weeknights 10:30 & 11:30p, Sat 7:30p, Sun 1p

May. 25 at 10:30pm
'Moving Day' HD

Barney goes to extraordinary lengths to sabotage Ted and Robin’s relationship as the two prepare to move in together.

May. 25 at 11:30pm
'The Rehearsal Dinner' HD

After pulling off the greatest surprise Bachelor Party ever, Barney is convinced that Robin is once again planning something special for the rehearsal dinner. He’s so sure that Robin is throwing a laser tag themed rehearsal dinner that he takes off moments before the event is to start and heads to the local laser tag arena, infuriating Robin and the gang.

May. 26 at 10:30pm
'Bachelor Party' HD

After ruining Marshall’s bachelor party Barney is nearly uninvited to Marshall and Lily’s wedding until Lily speaks up for him.

May. 26 at 11:30pm
'Bass Player Wanted' HD

The gang encounters a guy at the wedding who intentionally stirs up trouble among them, and Marshall finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn.

May. 27 at 10:30pm
'Showdown' HD

Thinking that Bob Barker may be his father, Barney begins training for an appearance on The Price is Right; and Marshall and Lily try sleeping apart prior to the wedding.

May. 27 at 11:30pm
'Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra' HD

In an attempt to deliver a devastating final slap to Barney, Marshall explains how he mastered the Slap of A Million Exploding Suns.

May. 28 at 10:30pm
'Something Borrowed' HD

When Marshall and Lily’s plans for their dream wedding go awry, Ted and the gang step in to save the day.

May. 28 at 11:30pm
'Unpause' HD

Marshall and Lily’s big fight over Marshall having accepted a judgeship has been looming, but they mutually decide to pause it in order to enjoy their reunion for a bit. And Marshall becomes intent on making sure the fight never gets un-paused. Meanwhile, Robin and Ted finally find out what Barney does for a living.

May. 29 at 10:30pm
'Something Blue' HD

At Marshall and Lily’s wedding reception, Barney finds out that Ted and Robin have a secret they have been hiding for weeks.

May. 29 at 11:30pm
'How Your Mother Met Me' HD

In a series of flashbacks we see how “The Mother” meets Ted. There are a number of missed connections, where Ted meets The Mother’s roommate, Cindy, instead of her, and a brief sighting where he accidentally walks into her economics class. Unbeknownst to both of them, they’ve shared friends and acquaintances throughout the years and it’s all been leading up to their first meeting...

May. 30 at 7:30pm
'Three Days of Snow' HD

As New Year’s Day approaches...Ted and Barney run MacLaren’s bar during a blizzard; Lily and Marshall attempt to keep one of their traditions alive despite a series of mix-ups that threaten to derail it.

May. 31 at 1pm
'Possimpible' HD

Robin will be deported to Canada if she fails to find a job in seven days; Barney helps Robin create a new video reel.

About the Show

Using a clever framing device, How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks as Ted Mosby sits down in the year 2030 to tell his son and daughter the events, starting in 2005, that led to his meeting their mother. The series holds back the identity of the woman who is their mother with the mystery to be solved in the show’s final episode.