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How I Met Your Mother

Weeknights 4:30 & 10:30p, Saturday 7:30p, Sunday 1p

Dec. 11 at 4:30pm
'Murtaugh' HD

Barney bets Ted he can perform everything on his “I’m-Too-Old-For-This List” in 24 hours; Marshall coaches Lily’s kindergarten basketball team.

Dec. 11 at 10:30pm
'Life Among The Gorillas' HD

Ted tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with Victoria, in Germany, but when she e-mails that they need to talk, he’s sure she’s going to dump him.  Marshall goes to work at Barney’s big, evil company, and his changed behavior upsets Lily.

Dec. 12 at 4:30pm
'Mosbius Designs' HD

Ted decides to start his own design firm, but complications ensue when Robin and his assistant end up in bed together; Barney suggests a way for Marshall to make himself indispensable at work. 

Dec. 12 at 10:30pm
'Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 AM' HD

Robin invites Ted over at 2 am, and Ted accepts, trying (and failing) to convince himself that nothing is going to happen since he has a girlfriend.  Lily, Marshall, and Barney are at a karaoke bar, advising Ted by phone to do the right thing.

Dec. 13 at 4:30pm
'The Three Days Rule' HD

Ted circumvents the “three days rule” by texting a woman he met at the bar—unaware that he’s really corresponding with Marshall and Barney.

Dec. 13 at 10:30pm
'Mary the Paralegal' HD

In order to make Robin jealous, Ted resorts to taking a prostitute as his date to Robin’s media awards banquet.

Dec. 14 at 4:30pm
'Right Place Right Time' HD

Future Ted tells his children how fate played a major role in his meeting their mother; Barney nears his goal of 200 sexual conquests; the gang stages an intervention when Marshall becomes addicted to charts.

Dec. 14 at 10:30pm
'Best Prom Ever' HD

Lily, Barney, and Robin attend a high-school prom to scout out a potential band for Lily and Marshall's wedding reception.

Dec. 15 at 7:30pm
'Band or DJ' HD

Ted pressures Robin and Barney to hire a DJ for their wedding reception, but they want a band.  Robin introduces Barney to her father, who won’t give them his blessing to marry.

Dec. 16 at 1pm
'Ring Up!' HD

Ted agrees to proxy-bang a girl for Barney.  Robin realizes that her engagement ring has the power to make her invisible.  Marshall and Lily get turned on by a leather cuff.

Dec. 17 at 4:30pm
'As Fast As She Can' HD

When Stella and her fiancé break off their engagement, Stella begs Ted to help her win Tony back; Barney vows to talk his way out of a speeding ticket.

Dec. 17 at 10:30pm
'Milk' HD

When Lily's car breaks down on the way to a secret appointment, Ted postpones a very important date to come to Lily's rescue.

About the Show

Using a clever framing device, How I Met Your Mother is a story told in flashbacks as Ted Mosby sits down in the year 2030 to tell his son and daughter the events, starting in 2005, that led to his meeting their mother. The series holds back the identity of the woman who is their mother with the mystery to be solved in the show’s final episode.