Through the Decades

King of Queens

Weeknights 4 & 10:00p, Saturday 12p, Sunday 6:00p

Apr. 23 at 4pm
'Inner Tube' HD

Doug lies to Carrie so that he can play mud football with his buddies and ends up sick in bed, plagued by guilt, watching reruns and old movies.

Apr. 23 at 10pm
'Friender Bender' HD

Doug rear-ends Kelly and Deacon's car, and he and Carrie insist that they personally pay for the damage so they can leave the insurance company out of it.

Apr. 24 at 4pm
'Departure Time' HD

Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug’s parents while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal.

Apr. 24 at 10pm
'Mean Streak' HD

As Doug is about to break what was once thought of as an unbeatable record, the tension between he and the guys at IPS mounts.

Apr. 25 at 4pm
'Swim Neighbors' HD

Carrie takes legal action when her neighbors install an above-ground pool that overlooks her backyard fence, but the pool makes a big splash with Doug.

Apr. 25 at 10pm
'No Retreat' HD

Carrie is invited to her company's retreat for the first time and is overcome with excitement.

Apr. 26 at 4pm
'S’No Job' HD

Doug’s Uncle Stu asks him to get his son Danny a job at IPS.

Apr. 26 at 10pm
'Oxy Moron' HD

As Doug and Carrie's plane makes an unexpectedly rough landing, Doug takes the only available oxygen mask for himself and doesn't think twice about Carrie.

Apr. 27 at 12pm
'Ticker Treat'

Doug decides to buy a pumpkin to get into the Halloween spirit, but as soon as Arthur sees it, he smashes it and banishes the celebration of Halloween.

Apr. 28 at 6pm
'Lyin’ Hearted'

As Arthur prepares to undergo heart surgery, Carrie discovers something that he did years ago that drastically affected her life.

Apr. 29 at 4pm
'Pregnant Pause, Part 1' HD

Carrie discovers that she is pregnant and is panicked that the timing is all-wrong.

Apr. 29 at 10pm
'Depo Man' HD

Carrie's boss has his first big case as partner, and Carrie is overwhelmed with work.

About the Show

Taking place in Rego Park, Queens, New York, a blue-collar married couple, Doug, a deliveryman, and Carrie, a secretary at a law firm, who both live with Carrie's oddball father, Arthur, try to make the best of what they got while trying to make their marriage somewhat normal and getting through tiny problems that they have together, even the occasional run-in with Carrie's father.