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Mike & Molly

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Jan. 21 at 6pm
'After the Lovin’' HD

Frustrated by his boss blaming him for burning his mouth on hot soup, Timmy has a special spoon created for Russell. Audrey’s plan backfires when she tries to seduce Jeff in the bedroom in order to get him to complete household tasks.

Jan. 21 at 6:30pm
'This Old Peggy' HD

Mike wants Peggy to see a doctor after her bathtub falls through the ceiling.

Jan. 22 at 6pm
'Mike Snores' HD

Annoyed when she spends all of her time at Mike’s apartment, Molly insists he spend a night at her place—giving him a taste of living with Molly’s mom and sister.

Jan. 22 at 6:30pm
'Eight is Enough' HD

Molly gets accepted into an elite eight-week writers’ workshop in Iowa, but faces a big decision when Mike asks her not to go.

Jan. 23 at 6pm
'Mike’s New Boots' HD

Molly becomes jealous when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to a woman who is clearly flirting with him.

Jan. 23 at 6:30pm
'The Book of Molly
' HD

Molly returns home after eight weeks at a writers' workshop with great news: she's getting published and scored a big book advance.

Jan. 24 at 6pm
'Carl Gets a Girl' HD

When Carl borrows Mike’s apartment for a date, Mike spends more time at Molly’s house and ends up bonding with her mom and sister—getting in touch with his feminine side.

Jan. 24 at 6:30pm
'To Have and Withhold' HD

Molly has writer’s block, and she might lose her big advance if she doesn’t cure it fast.

Jan. 25 at 7pm
'Carl Gets a Roommate' HD

Mike begins transforming the basement into a living area for he and Molly to live in, but the construction work is more than he – or his eyebrows – can handle!  Meanwhile, Carl invites Samuel to move in with him.

Jan. 26 at 7pm
'Mike the Tease' HD

Mike studies male fertility and visits a clinic to ensure that his “swimmers” are up to the task of starting a family with Molly.  Meanwhile, Vince gets a new job selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

Jan. 27 at 6pm
'Mike Goes to the Opera' HD

When Mike falls ill during a night out with Molly at the opera, Mike's mom and Molly clash over who can take better care of him.

Jan. 27 at 6:30pm
'Gone Cheatin’
' HD

A guys-only fishing trip changes when Carl invites Victoria - much to Mike's dismay.

About the Show

Mike & Molly is a comedy about a working class Chicago couple who find love in the most unlikely of places. Officer Mike Biggs is an easy-going cop who's found his perfect match in Molly Flynn, an instantly likeable fourth-grade teacher with a great sense of humor. This ability to laugh through life is indispensable for Molly, who still lives at home with her over-indulgent sister, Victoria and smart-talking mother, Joyce. Sharing the crowded house with a smile proves even more challenging for Mike. It's no wonder, he seeks the companionship of his CPD partner, Officer Carl McMillan, a fast-talking wise-guy who still lives with his grandma and their friend, Senegalese waiter Samuel, whose dry wit and diner food keeps both cops fed and in their place. Between Joyce's lascivious fiancé Vince, Mike's cantankerous mother, Peggy, her scruffy dog Jim and the entire opinionated crowd of family and friends, Mike and Molly somehow find their own little haven of happiness.