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Dec. 17 at 11am
'Exclusive with Reality Royalty: Gretchen & Slade' HD

At-home exclusive with Reality Royalty, Gretchen & Slade. Courageous country singing star Hilary Williams. Hashtag Health! Could you get germs and bacteria from new clothes? Elementary school kids sending nudes? Why this social media mommy is saying Rest in Peace! Healthy porn … food porn, that is! Hack or Wack?! Another round of #AskTheDoctors! One week social media cleanse? Buzz or Bust with the latest viral beauty trend! And, the benefits of disconnecting! 

Dec. 18 at 11am
'Woman Spends $50K to Look like Her Favorite Cartoon?' HD

The story of one woman’s quest to look more like her favorite animated character – to the tune of $50,000 in plastic surgery thus far! THE DOCTORS Court returns with some of our craziest cases yet – like the former neighbors who’ve been forced to share custody of the same dog! Our sleep expert weighs in on the new weighted blanket trend! Comedian Bill Engvall joins us to discuss the ways marriage might be affecting your health! 

Dec. 19 at 11am
'Woman Delivered Her Own Baby Using the Web?' HD

Mom’s at-home delivery story you won’t believe! Could fruit flies be the key to figuring out the male sex drive? Treating face shingles. Newly engaged couple in need of serious weight loss help. The shocking new dating trend! DIY shoe polish hack you need to know! The new “String Test” to determine if you’re obese! 

Dec. 20 at 11am
'Can Extravagant Weddings Lead to Divorce?' HD

Can extravagant weddings lead to divorce? Airbnb health hazards? Tampons optional while swimming? Decoding your teen. Mental illnesses as a fashion statement? My arms are backwards? Disabled artist gets prosthetics. The Best Booty Challenge! New guides for colon cancer screenings. Can loud music make you gain weight? 

Dec. 21 at 11am
'Chair Treats Incontinence' HD

Cure your incontinence just by sitting in a chair? The new exciting treatment! Then, a growing number of people are skipping shoes and advocating for going barefoot in public! Would you do it? And, one woman’s “pimple” turns out to be cancer! The warning signs you need to know! Then, a lozenge promises to stop your sugar cravings! Does it work? We’re putting it to the test! Next, breakthrough research finds Vitamin B1 may cure tremors. And, America’s antibiotic resistance nightmare and how you can protect your family. 

About the Show

Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors returns for its 11th season on Monday, September 10, 2018.

The hour-long syndicated program has offered the most timely, topical and practical health, wellness and lifestyle information on daytime television in 10 seasons and counting.

Hosted by ER physician and best-selling author Dr. Travis Stork, along with co-hosts plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra. The Doctors delves into real-life stories and celebrity exclusives and provides sought after answers, interventions, and care.

The Doctors has been recognized for excellence with the Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show/Informative in 2010 and has been nominated six times in the category. The co-hosts received consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2011 and 2012. 

The show has received numerous accolades from the medical community, including the Crystal Cross Humanitarian Award from the American Red Cross and a PRISM Award.