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Jan. 21 at 11am
'The Weinstein Trial Unfolds: The Latest Twists and Turns' HD

All New: As Harvey Weinstein’s trial approaches, we examine the latest charges lobbed against him in NY and LA. Plus, former Facts of Life actress Heather Kerr speaks out exclusively about the harrowing meeting with Weinstein when she was a young actress that derailed her life and made her quit the industry. And, the disgraced dentist turned body snatcher.

Jan. 22 at 11am
'Food News: Trends and Traps You Need to Know About' HD

All New: From meatless pork making headlines worldwide to new research on the health food many have accused of making you fat, we investigate the foods you should keep on and off your plate. And, can CBD really help with stress and anxiety? We investigate. Plus, Jamie Oliver joins The Dish crew to cook up lightened-up comfort foods.

Jan. 23 at 11am
'Dr. Revenge: Doctor Busted for Trying to Murder His Enemy By Fentanyl Injection' HD

All New: We investigate the case of a doctor with a twisted prescription for revenge, who allegedly tried to hire one of his patients to commit murder with a drug that can kill in seconds. How the FBI stopped him. Plus, we speak to a woman who said she sounded the alarm on Jeffrey Epstein over 2 decades ago, but claims police ignored her reports.

Jan. 24 at 11am
'Are Your Hair Dyes and Relaxers Causing Cancer?' HD

All New: A new study has women everywhere panicking and questioning if hair products are affecting their health. We investigate if you should be concerned and how you can dye your hair with potentially less harm. Plus, our next Candidate Check-up with billionaire Tom Steyer.

About the Show

Capitalizing on his widespread popularity as the premiere health expert, Dr. Mehmet C. Oz ventures to new television heights with his own multi-topic, multi-segment health and wellness talk show series, The Dr. Oz Show, now in its 11th season. The Dr. Oz Show offers topical newsworthy information and inspiring stories in an upbeat and entertaining format, all from Dr. Oz's unique point of view. Supported by leading experts in their fields, Dr. Oz empowers viewers by providing cutting edge information on important topics, ranging from weight loss, nutrition and staying young to relationships, sex and handling conflict and stress.