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Monday 12/9 HD

Shocking videos of violent, out-of-control drivers. Road rage victims recount how they barely escaped with their lives, even being shot at. And, medium Anna Raimondi gives answers to people who took ancestry tests and discovered their entire lives have been built on lies. 

Tuesday 12/10 HD

With millions of supporters including celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, who believe he was wrongfully convicted, Rodney Reed’s execution has been postponed indefinitely. Today, his brother reveals what is in store for Rodney next. Plus, the never-before-told story of the D.C. snipers and how they were finally caught. 

Wednesday 12/11 HD

Andrea Barber reveals her struggles with anxiety and depression while playing D.J. Tanner’s best friend, Kimmy, on the popular sitcom. And, has the college admissions scandal affected her relationship with Lori Loughlin? Then, music legend Patti Labelle shares her comfort food secrets and how to entertain without breaking a sweat. Plus, it’s a family affair on The Dish when Daphne Oz’s sisters stop by to help whip up family-favorite recipes! 

Thursday 12/12 HD

One of R. Kelly’s first accusers to break her silence speaks out about the grooming process she experienced and the degradation she says she endured while living in his house. Plus, the shocking story of the mom who claimed her 4 and 8-year-old children committed suicide but then was arrested for their murders. 

Friday 12/13 HD

From ginormous burgers that can feed a whole family to absurd fried wings drenched in butter, bacon and ice cream, the Foodgod scoured the country to find the biggest, baddest foods! Plus, Chef Aaron Sanchez opens up about depression, addiction, and abuse that almost broke his family. 

About the Show

Capitalizing on his widespread popularity as the premiere health expert, Dr. Mehmet C. Oz ventures to new television heights with his own multi-topic, multi-segment health and wellness talk show series, The Dr. Oz Show, now in its 11th season. The Dr. Oz Show offers topical newsworthy information and inspiring stories in an upbeat and entertaining format, all from Dr. Oz's unique point of view. Supported by leading experts in their fields, Dr. Oz empowers viewers by providing cutting edge information on important topics, ranging from weight loss, nutrition and staying young to relationships, sex and handling conflict and stress.