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The Dr. Oz Show

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Aug. 10 at 11am
'From The Impossible Burger To Beyond Sausage: Inside The Meatless Fast-Food Craze' HD

We gain exclusive access into the labs of Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger to reveal industry secrets of how they are made. Are they really better for you? Plus, we have the first look at the next big meatless fast-food craze. And, how we’re zeroing in on the cause of the polio-like disease striking children.

Aug. 11 at 11am
'True Crime: The Real Story Behind the Central Park Killing That Captured the Nation’s Attention' HD

In 1986, the country was captivated by the case of the handsome prep school student who strangled 18- year-old Jennifer Levin. What really happened that night? We speak to the detective first on the scene and Robert Chambers’ former girlfriend. Plus, why the twin sister of a woman who was murdered decades ago says she will not give up on finding her killer.

Aug. 12 at 11am
'Oz Exclusive: Wendy Williams One-On-One' HD

After a tough year, Wendy Williams opens up about overcoming life’s challenges and truly gaining her freedom. And, she shares her new health diagnosis and what it’s like to live with a chronic and painful condition. Plus, Super Size Me Morgan Spurlock investigates if fast-food chicken really is the healthier option. He follows the chicken from farm to fast-food restaurant so you can avoid being duped by industry tricks.

Aug. 13 at 11am
'True Crime Jayme Closs: One Year After Escaping Her Captor – How Is She Doing Now?' HD

It’s been one year since Jayme Closs was kidnapped for 88 days and found alive. We speak exclusively to the family friend who played a key role in bringing her home and the sheriff who worked tirelessly to find Jayme. Plus, “The Jinx” trial: did Robert Durst murder his best friend to keep her quiet in the disappearance of his wife?

Aug. 14 at 11am
'Medical Mystery: Caught Drunk Driving But Wasn’t Drinking' HD

We investigate mysterious cases of people who reek of liquor, stumble, slur their words, and even get into dangerous accidents, but weren’t drinking alcohol. The shocking medical reason behind the cause. Plus, former teen idol Leif Garrett opens up about the addictions that nearly took his life.

About the Show

Currently in its eleventh season, the ten-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning daily series The Dr. Oz Show is hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz, accredited health expert, best-selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. The Dr. Oz Show is an informative hour that offers audiences the opportunity to learn about a wide range of health and wellness topics. Tackling the balance of mind, body, and spirit, Dr. Oz calls on specialists from a variety of disciplines for expert advice on how viewers can be their best selves.