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Feb. 22 at 5:30pm
'I Heart Video Dating' HD

While certain that an aptitude test will put him on a career path to being an NFL punter, motorcyclist, detective or rap assassin, Barry is upset to learn he’s best suited to be a bookkeeper. Despite Murray’s insistence that he follow that path, after reviewing his three criteria for an awesome career – unchallenged authority, no desk or formal pants, and athletic skill and physical intimidation – Barry concludes that he’s cut out to be a gym teacher. So when Barry asks to be his apprentice, Coach Mellor takes him under his wing. Although Murray is certain that his son will soon abandon the idea, after seeing him and the coach jogging at 5 a.m., he resolves to put a stop to it himself. 

Feb. 22 at 7pm
'Revenge o’ the Nerds' HD

Adam visits Erica at her college campus, exposing the truth about her college experience. Murray and Beverly are at odds when she looks to start a new career.

Feb. 24 at 6:30pm
'We Didn’t Start the Fire' HD

Adam and Barry each want Pops to coach them for a school talent show. Beverly worries about losing Erica to Geoff and his family for Hanukkah.

Feb. 24 at 7:30pm
'The Goldberg Girls' HD

Beverly seeks her kids’ advice on assembling a circle of friends in her later years. Erica looks to impress Geoff with a romantic gesture.

Feb. 25 at 5:30pm
'George! George Glass!' HD

While trying to talk his friends into joining his Saturday Night Live Society, Adam spots Zoe McIntosh, a junior he had a crush on when he saw her working at a diner four years ago. Though Evy warns against it, Adam’s friends encourage him to take another shot at a date now that he’s in high school. When Zoe remembers him from the diner but not his name, Adam tries to appear sophisticated by taking a page from The Brady Bunch and inventing a fake older girlfriend, à la Jan Brady’s “George Glass.”

Feb. 25 at 7pm
'Jimmy 5 Is Alive' HD

When Adam can’t convince his dad to buy him a mini replica kit for the Johnny 5 robot from Short Circuit, Beverly insists that they build one using junk that is lying around the house. 

Feb. 26 at 5:30pm
'Crazy Calls' HD

Adam quickly realizes that navigating the social hierarchy of the lunch room is troublesome—until he discovers that Michael C. Levy and Michael Z. Levy playing their favorite games in the computer lab during lunch. Meanwhile, after realizing that he’s been missing a lot of phone messages, Murray buys an answering machine. However, the new gadget launches Murray into a message war with his father.

Feb. 26 at 7pm
'I Caddyshacked the Pool' HD

After Adam runs out of excuses to avoid swimming in PE, Coach Mellor’s threat to fail him prompts Beverly to take action. When she tries to coax him into the water with a more comfortable bathing suit, Adam reveals that his shame about his body is what’s making it impossible for him to swim.

Feb. 27 at 5:30pm
'Stefan King' HD

Inspired by novelist Stephen King, Adam writes a horror story featuring an overbearing mother called Veeberly. Despite Adam’s efforts to keep his work-in-progress under wraps, Beverly stumbles upon it and, unable to recognize that she’s the monster, gives it to her book club. Jealous of Geoff and Evy’s date to the Halloween dance, Erica claims that she is going with Lainey’s older cousin, Nate.

Feb. 27 at 7pm
'Boy Barry' HD

Although Murray is thrilled with his and Bill Lewis’ matching mustaches, Beverly is not. Hearing her frustration, Pops realizes that she actually hates Bill more than the new facial hair. 

Feb. 28 at 5:30pm
'Recipe For Death II: Kiss The Cook' HD

Adam is surprised when Murray gives him money for a homemade action movie. However, upon seeing what his $80 paid for, Murray is disappointed. So when Adam says that it will take a much larger budget to meet his demanding standards, Murray borrows his cousin’s professional filmmaking equipment for him to use. Erica invites Beverly on a mother-daughter shopping trip. While Erica has something from Benetton in mind, Beverly insists they shop at Gimbels.

Feb. 28 at 7pm
'Couples Costume' HD

After Adam refuses to let their mom accompany him on Halloween, Erica and Barry convince him to take his girlfriend Dana to a college frat’s haunted house instead of trick-or-treating. Upset at being excluded, Beverly plans to teach Adam a lesson on the dangers of Halloween by placing a razor inside a candy bar. 

About the Show

In the not-too-distant 1980s, a young boy armed with a video camera chronicles the lives of his loving yet chaotic family. With an overprotective mom (Wendi McLendon-Covey), a gruff but caring dad (Jeff Garlin) and a lovable lothario of a grandpa (George Segal), Adam (Sean Giambrone) and his siblings Barry (Troy Gentile) and Erica (Hayley Orrantia) come of age in a time when the Internet was just a dream, the VCR ruled the world and there was a power ballad for every occasion.