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Feb. 25 at 10pm
'Mother Fracker' HD

After Vanessa's complex presentation to Eve's class on career day about her work for an oil company, the class quickly turns on Vanessa and accuses her of destroying Mother Earth. A mortified Eve demands her mom be more environmentally responsible by quitting her job. Mike believes Eve should apologize to her mother, but Eve refuses and goes to drastic lengths by camping in the backyard.

Feb. 26 at 7:30pm
'Outdoor Woman' HD

Mike meets with famous rock climber, and former girlfriend, Billie Cassidy, to persuade her to let the Outdoor Man sell her line of climbing gear. Billie agrees to the deal but Mike is wary of her one condition: that he has to go on the promotional campaign trip with her. Meanwhile, Mandy helps Kristin and Ryan sell their old possessions.

Feb. 27 at 7:30pm
'The Marriage Doctor' HD

 When Mike finds out future son-in-law Kyle fears meeting with the church's new minister, Mike tells Kyle to use him and Vanessa as a strong marriage example, but a recent argument ends up sending them to the minister instead. Meanwhile, Ryan helps Eve with her assignment to debate from the opposite side of her politically conservative beliefs.

Feb. 28 at 7:30pm
'Pilot' HD

Mike returns home to his family after a catalog shoot in Alaska for his company, Outdoor Man. Vanessa tells Mike she's getting  busier at work, and needs him to help out more with the kids; like taking Eve to soccer practice and Kristin's son Boyd to day care. Mike admonishes Mandy when she says she  called  for someone to  change her tire while on the road,  saying  Mandy should  learn to do this.

Mar. 1 at 7:30pm
'Grandparents Day' HD

 Vanessa reminds Mike about attending grandson Boyd's Grandparents Day at his preschool, but Mike tries to get out of it, unsuccessfully . Once there, Mike is not thrilled with the way the school is being run, nor does he like the administrator Bruce. Vanessa is befriended by an older woman there who keeps insisting that Vanessa is elderly.

Mar. 2 at 7:30pm
'Co-Ed Softball' HD

 Mike's company softball-team must add females in order to play in a tournament. The team decides to vote on whether they should forgo the tournament and stay all male, or allow a female in order to qualify. Some of the macho men are against adding a female player; Mike suggests a secret ballot to make the final decision. His own decision has him torn between wanting an all-men's team, and wanting to support his daughters in their own battle when being denied because of their gender.

About the Show

Tim Allen stars in Last Man Standing, a show about everything that families are dealing with today—all filtered through the blunt "man's man" comedy of an iconic American dad. Mike continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to challenge his ideas on just about everything in which he strongly believes. Mike Baxter is a man’s man trying to survive in a female-dominated world. These days women run for president, serve in our military and provide for their household while men sit in tanning beds and get their cuticles shaped. As marketing director of Outdoor Man, Mike dedicates his life to reminding the world what makes men men. With the help of his co-workers Ed and Kyle, Mike uses the Outdoor Man video log to vent his aggression towards the troubling concern: “WHAT HAPPENED TO MEN?!”