Divorce Court with the brilliant Judge Faith Jenkins at the helm! It’s the longest running court show on television. The soon-to-be exes tell their stories and a ruling and good old-fashioned relationship advice is given by the end. Although the nature of relationships has changed over the years—common law relationships, co habitations and marriages—the powerful human dramas and outrageous situations surrounding them create compelling television.



Gabe says the love of his life, Asia, broke his heart when he discovered she had been sending sexy photos and messages to other men. Asia says Gabe is too sensitive and needs to learn that it’s her job to flirt with other men. Can Judge Faith help this dying relationship or are they better parting ways?


Amy says she can no longer stay in this marriage. She says her husband, Ricardo, fathered 4 children outside their relationship and she wants a divorce. Ricardo says the stress of co-parenting Amy’s four children, from a previous relationship, led to the downfall of their marriage. Can Judge Faith save this broken couple?


Danielle thought it was love at first sight when she met Logan, but says Logan mistook her kindness for weakness and his lies led her to believe he had an affair. Danielle says she became insecure after Logan mentioned he wanted a polyamorous lifestyle. Logan says he doesn’t know if this relationship will last if Danielle doesn’t conform to the polyamorous lifestyle. Danielle says she met the other woman and has decided she wants Logan to cut things off with her. Can Judge Faith Jenkins give the proper counsel needed to help this relationship find peace?


Mark feels he’s being used, hates his fiancé’s job and her social media presence. Marina is on temporary Visa and has 60 days to get married and fears Mark is getting cold feet. Mark says Marina will post provocative photos on her social media and men will leave inappropriate comments. He doesn’t want her posting such revealing photos out of respect for him. Marina says Mark is very controlling and tries to use the bible to dictate how she should live her life. Can Judge Faith help guide this relationship, or will they end up as a crash site?


Pashion wants to end her 5-year marriage to her husband, Joshua. She says the constant disrespect and perusing of women on social media has become too much for her to handle. Joshua says they are currently separated, but he says he’s here in court today to save his marriage. Can Judge Faith provide the tools necessary to help Joshua save this marriage or has Pashion already moved on?