About the Show

DIVORCE COURT with the brilliant Judge Faith Jenkins at the helm! It’s the longest running court show on television. The soon-to-be exes tell their stories and a ruling and good old-fashioned relationship advice is given by the end. Although the nature of relationships has changed over the years—common law relationships, co-habitations and marriages—the powerful human dramas and outrageous situations surrounding them create compelling television. 

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Jenny says her husband of 19 years is obsessed with meeting women online. She’s found numerous text messages on his phone from him meeting up with women, and she says she’s ready for a divorce. James claims he’s a hardworking provider and wants Jenny to stop accusing him of cheating. He wants her to move on and quit focusing on his past mistakes. Can Judge Faith help this couple to refocus their priorities, or will this long-lasting marriage no longer last?


Alexis says Elijah’s inappropriate relationship with a woman he used to be “friends with benefits” is driving a wedge between them. Alexis demands he cut ties with the woman of his past. Elijah refutes Alexis is the one who can’t be trusted by arguing she receives too many sexual advances in her line of work. Can Judge Faith convince these two to find a compromise on who they should keep in their inner circle of acquaintances?


Taren had two rules for Nathan before he moved in with her, contribute to bills and no drugs. She’s in court today because he broke both rules. Taren goes on to say her boyfriend steals from her to fuel his drug habit and cannot keep a job. Nathan says he wants to prove to Taren he is off drugs and ready to take steps towards marriage. Can Judge Faith Jenkins save this relationship or is it best if this couple separated?


Mykkia says her heart was broken when she found out her husband of two years had an affair with an ex-coworker. She is now done with Jamal and is ready to move forward in her life without him. Though, Jamal isn’t done and refuses to give up on his marriage. He wants his wife to give him another chance to prove he’s changed. Will Judge Faith Jenkins be able to provide the answers this marriage desperately aches for?


Antonia has had enough of the constant lies from her boyfriend. She says James has cheated with over 30 women and she is ready to end the relationship. James said he was taught to keep his options open, but now realizes he’s made the biggest mistake of his life cheating on Antonia. He wants a second chance. Can Judge Faith rescue this sinking relationship or is time for Antonia to jump ship and swim ashore.