Through the Decades

Last Man Standing

Weeknights 5 & 7:30p, Sunday 5 & 5:30p

Dec. 9 at 5pm
'Daddy Dearest' HD

When Mike and Ed take Ryan and his supposedly-ailing dad, Victor, on their hunting trip, Victor admits he wasn't truthful about his reasons for finally coming to see Ryan.

Dec. 9 at 5pm
'Heavy Meddle' HD

When Eve’s boyfriend, Rob, doesn’t invite her to his parents’ anniversary party, Vanessa feels that Eve should tell him how this makes her feel. But Mike disagrees and thinks it’s better for Eve to not say anything. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ryan think it’s beyond the airy Mandy and Kyle to find the hidden clues in an escape room. 

Dec. 10 at 5pm
'Dodgeball Club' HD

When Boyd gets in trouble at school for playing dodgeball, which the fellow kindergarteners were banned from playing, Mike thinks this is another sign that parents are raising a generation of wimps. So unbeknownst to Kristin and Ryan and contrary to their values, Mike forms a secret afterschool dodgeball club for Boyd and the neighborhood kids. 

Dec. 10 at 7:30pm
'Voting' HD

First-time voter Mandy is taking her vote seriously, and Mike wants to make sure she votes the right way—his way. But his lobbying for Romney backfires when Kirsten and Ryan step into the fray with their dedication to Obama. Sparks fly as both sides pull out all the punches to prove their side the only logical way to vote. Political barbs and blatant sarcasm seems the menu for the day at the dinner table. Vanessa attempts the futile role of peacemaker, as the political wedge pushes further into the family harmony.

Dec. 11 at 5pm
'Ed’s Twice Ex-Wife' HD

Mike is shocked when he finds out Vanessa sided with Ed's ex-wife, Wanda, instead of with Ed after he divorced her—twice. And when Ed tells Mike he thinks he and Wanda should get back together, Mike thinks it's a terrible idea. Meanwhile, single, working mom Kristin is reluctant to get the carefree Mandy a job at the diner to help her save money for a high school class trip.

Dec. 11 at 7:30pm
'High Expectations' HD

When their African American neighbors’ car is egged, Vanessa goes against Mike’s advice and decides to let them know their car wasn’t the only one vandalized. Meanwhile Eve wants to quit soccer, but when Mike and Vanessa won’t let her, she rebels by getting drunk at a party.

Dec. 12 at 5pm
'Circle of Life' HD

When Mike brings home a dead duck he shot for dinner, Kristin is horrified that he would expose young Boyd to the violence of death. Ryan, a vegan, for once agrees with Mike that Boyd should get used to the realities of life. But when Boyd stops eating meat, Mike tries to explain the circle of life to his grandson, with surprising results.

Dec. 12 at 7:30pm
'Mother Fracker' HD

After Vanessa’s complex presentation to Eve’s class on career day about her work for an oil company, the class quickly turns on Vanessa and accuses her of destroying Mother Earth. A mortified Eve demands her mom be more environmentally responsible by quitting her job. Mike believes Eve should apologize to her mother, but Eve refuses and goes to drastic lengths by camping in the backyard.

Dec. 13 at 5pm
'Attractive Architect' HD

Bill McKenzie has been the Outdoor Man’s architect for years, which is why he is dumbfounded when Mike tells him the job may now go to a young, gorgeous female architect. Back home, Vanessa wonders if looks trumped talent in her recent job promotion.

Dec. 13 at 7:30pm
'Bullying' HD

When Eve is suspended from school for calling a boy a bad name, Mike is surprised name calling would be considered bullying.

Dec. 14 at 5pm
'Mike’s Pole' HD

When Mike hangs his prized U.S. flag in the yard, 14-year-old Eve is inspired by her father’s patriotism and announces she wants to join the Junior ROTC, which concerns Vanessa. Later on, a chance meeting at the VFW with a female armory gunner has an impact on Eve.

Dec. 14 at 7:30pm
'The Help' HD

When Mike concedes to Vanessa to hire a housekeeper, the topic of immigration comes up; and Ed is asked to check the green cards of the Outdoor Man workers.

About the Show

Tim Allen stars in Last Man Standing, a show about everything that families are dealing with today—all filtered through the blunt "man's man" comedy of an iconic American dad. Mike continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to challenge his ideas on just about everything in which he strongly believes. Mike Baxter is a man’s man trying to survive in a female-dominated world. These days women run for president, serve in our military and provide for their household while men sit in tanning beds and get their cuticles shaped. As marketing director of Outdoor Man, Mike dedicates his life to reminding the world what makes men men. With the help of his co-workers Ed and Kyle, Mike uses the Outdoor Man video log to vent his aggression towards the troubling concern: “WHAT HAPPENED TO MEN?!”