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Last Man Standing

Weeknights 5 & 7:30p, Sun 5 & 5:30p

Aug. 10 at 5pm
'Heavy Meddle' HD

When Eve’s boyfriend, Rob, doesn’t invite her to his parents’ anniversary party, Vanessa feels that Eve should tell him how this makes her feel. But Mike disagrees and thinks it’s better for Eve to not say anything. Meanwhile, Kristin and Ryan think it’s beyond the airy Mandy and Kyle to find the hidden clues in an escape room.

Aug. 10 at 7:30pm
'House of Tutor' HD

After Mike encourages Vanessa to branch out her tutoring business, she takes his advice, but gets frustrated when he gets a little too involved. Meanwhile, Kyle is determined to be like the other Baxters and become a high-powered entrepreneur. 

Aug. 11 at 5pm
'Shadowboxing' HD

When Mandy job shadows Mike at The Outdoor Man, her textbook conflict resolution skills differ from Mike’s experience-based approach, and she unintentionally causes a dispute between Chuck and Joe. Meanwhile, Kristen and Eve think Vanessa needs to blow off some steam, so they invite her to their kickboxing class. 

Aug. 11 at 7:30pm
'Bad Heir Day' HD

Mike and Vanessa think it’s time for newlyweds Mandy and Kyle to move out, but when Chuck relays some unexpected news about Kyle’s absentee mom, Mike has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Eve tells Ryan that Boyd is making up stories about his Dad’s real job, because he’s embarrassed about being home-schooled. 

Aug. 12 at 5pm
'Last Baby Proofing Standing' HD

At home, Mandy asks Mike for twenty dollars to buy coffee at the mall. Mike complains about her asking for money all the time, and suggests she get a part-time job; he tells Vanessa that the kids need to learn responsibility. Vanessa is concerned but goes along with it. The next day Kristin notices cleaning chemicals in the cabinet under the kitchen sink when the door is left open, and declares that the house needs baby-proofing. Eve finds a local man on the Internet who does this, and they show the site to Mike, who dismisses the guy as a nut. Mike says it's okay for kids to sometimes have accidents, as that is how they learn not to do it again.

Aug. 12 at 7:30pm
'Pilot' HD

Mike returns home to his family after a catalog shoot in Alaska for his company, Outdoor Man. Vanessa tells Mike she's getting  busier at work, and needs him to help out more with the kids; like taking Eve to soccer practice and Kristin's son Boyd to day care. Mike admonishes Mandy when she says she  called  for someone to  change her tire while on the road,  saying  Mandy should  learn to do this.

Aug. 13 at 5pm
'Last Halloween Standing' HD

Mike feels let down when his daughters aren't into celebrating Halloween with him the way they used to.

Aug. 13 at 7:30pm
' Grandparents Day' HD

Vanessa reminds Mike about attending grandson Boyd's Grandparents Day at his preschool, but Mike tries to get out of it, unsuccessfully. Once there, Mike is not thrilled with the way the school is being run, nor does he like the administrator Bruce. Vanessa is befriended by an older woman there who keeps insisting that Vanessa is elderly.

Aug. 14 at 5pm
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' HD

Mandy wants to audition for the "America's Next Hot Teen Model" contest, and approaches Mike for permission. Even though he doesn't want her to, he agrees thinking she'll never make it past the first step. He resists when Vanessa asks him to say no so that he has a turn at 'bad cop'. Things go out of control when he finds out just how Mandy plans on getting noticed. His attempt at being bad cop digs him  deeper into the ever-unpredictable teen world.

Aug. 14 at 7:30pm
'Co-Ed Softball' HD

Mike's company softball-team must add females in order to play in a tournament. The team decides to vote on whether they should forgo the tournament and stay all male, or allow a female in order to qualify. Some of the macho men are against adding a female player; Mike suggests a secret ballot to make the final decision. His own decision has him torn between wanting an all-men's team, and wanting to support his daughters in their own battle when being denied because of their gender.

Aug. 16 at 5pm
'Vanessa Fixes Kyle' HD

Since Vanessa is feeling guilty after encouraging Mandy to break up with the sometimes clueless Kyle, she is determined to mend things; but her sincere efforts only seem to make a bad situation worse.

Aug. 16 at 5:30pm
'Thanksgiving' HD

It's Thanksgiving Day in the Baxter house and Mike's father, Bud, takes everyone by surprise when he announces his plans to open a recreational marijuana store. Now, Mike struggles between supporting his Dad and questioning the message this new business venture could send to his family.

About the Show

Tim Allen stars in Last Man Standing, a show about everything that families are dealing with today—all filtered through the blunt "man's man" comedy of an iconic American dad. Mike continues to be surrounded by forces seeking to challenge his ideas on just about everything in which he strongly believes. Mike Baxter is a man’s man trying to survive in a female-dominated world. These days women run for president, serve in our military and provide for their household while men sit in tanning beds and get their cuticles shaped. As marketing director of Outdoor Man, Mike dedicates his life to reminding the world what makes men men. With the help of his co-workers Ed and Kyle, Mike uses the Outdoor Man video log to vent his aggression towards the troubling concern: “WHAT HAPPENED TO MEN?!”