The series will feature celebrity interviews, topical stories, community heroes, viral sensations, and music. Hudson will use her powerful voice in a new way, bringing fun, uplifting conversations to the forefront, shining a light on extraordinary stories, talents, and passions. The Jennifer Hudson Show will be a destination to laugh, learn, and feel inspired.

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Guests: DA’VINE JOY RANDOLPH (“The Holdovers” and “Rustin”), TYLA (single, “Water”)
Jennifer welcomes high-school senior and future first-generation college student Dana Bolden from Jackson, MS, who recently made headlines for being awarded over 2.2 million dollars in scholarships from over 50 colleges.  Dana feels proud to be able to represent her community and said it is rare to see positive stories coming out of her neighborhood.


Guests: HENRY WINKLER (book, “Being Henry: The Fonz…and Beyond”)

Jennifer welcomes educator Angelique Williams and her 6-year-old student, Emora, from Cleveland, OH. Angelique is the Dean of Students at East Academy and founder of the nonprofit Let Art Breathe, which helps her students with social-emotional learning through performing arts. Every day at school, Angelique's student Emora asks her "best friend" Angelique if she has found a husband yet. Last month, Emora decided to help Angelique by doing a little prayer at the lunch table. Angelique filmed Emora's prayer and the video has gone viral online.
Jennifer welcomes 17-year-old Amber Wilsondebriano from Charleston, SC, who recently made history for being crowned the first Black homecoming queen at her school, Porter-Gaud School.  The school is 155 years old and has been doing homecoming court for over 40 years. Amber feels overjoyed to create a legacy that means so much and hopes to inspire other young kids to know that anything is possible, regardless of their race. Amber hopes her story of representation shows people that times are changing and that there is hope, positivity and love everywhere in the world.


Guests: ELLIE GOULDING (album, “Higher Than Heaven”), NICK DIGIOVANNI (cookbook, “Knife Drop: Creative Recipes Anyone Can Cook” and Osmo Salt), KRIS POLAHA (“A Biltmore Christmas” and “The Shift”)

Jennifer welcomes back body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards from Austin, TX, who is a best-selling author, speaker and teacher. Vanessa is renowned for teaching science-backed people skills to audiences worldwide. 


Guests: WINNIE HARLOW (skincare line, Cay Skin), DIONNE WARWICK & DAMON ELLIOTT (song, “I Kneel”)


Guests: DOVE CAMERON (debut album, “Alchemical”)

Jennifer welcomes 4-year-old bug expert Jeremiah Davis and his mom, Taneika Weaver, from Douglasville, GA. Jeremiah makes educational TikTok videos about his bug knowledge. Taneika first noticed her son’s interest in bugs when he was 3 years old and began educating him on different bug species. Jeremiah's favorite bugs are spiders and roaches, and he wants to be an entomologist when he grows up.

Photos below courtesy Chris Millard/Warner Bros. & Robert Voets/Warner Bros.